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When in Wien - Vienna Travel Diary Part 2 ♡

Welcome back to Part 2 of my Vienna travel diary! :D I am so sorry that this is a MUCH delayed post (life update post coming soonnn! ♡) but if you haven't read Part 1 yet - you can do so right here <3

Continuing from where we left off - after our afternoon tea break at Café Sacher, we made our way to the Hofburg Palace - also known as the Imperial or Winter Palace, and stepped inside this former Winter residence of the Emporer of Austria ♡

We decided to go for the Hofburg tour, where we were able to walk through rooms inside the palace and had a glimpse into the life of the former Emporer :)

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the Hofburg Palace but I might have sneaked a picture in - or two :P 

We then headed out of Hofburg...

...onto the main street and arrived at Damel - one of the most gorgeous bakery/ dessert shops in Vienna <3

It was nearly dinnertime, but we couldn't resist all the sweet treats so we decided to share to share a slice of cake :P

And then it was dinnertime! We bought tickets to a Mozart concert that starts at 8p.m. so we were desperately trying to find a table somewhere in central Vienna (without much luck!). We walked into quite a few restaurants at 6p.m. and they were all fully booked - until we found a small Italian restaurant which just happened to have a one-hour slot available for us to sneak a quick meal in <3

The food was delicious (and they had really good red wine at surprisingly reasonable prices :P) - and off we went to the Mozart concert!

The Mozart concert took place at the beautiful Musikverein. We settled down in the beautiful concert hall and waited for the Vienna Mozart Orchestra to take the stage :)

And there they were! We had an amazing time watching the Orchestra play some of Mozart's best pieces, before calling it a night and getting back to our hotel after an eventful day in Vienna <3

On the next morning, we decided to grab brunch at Café Mozart - another restaurant we had been eyeing since arriving Vienna :P

There goes my impatient where-is-my-food face - and then there is my super happy our-food-is-here face LOL! ♡

We ordered mini Austrian pancakes...

as well as the super famous (and delicious) Apfelstrudel - a traditional Austrian apple pastry with custard <3

We also ordered scrambled eggs with ham - the best thing to finish off brunch with <3 

After brunch, we headed to the Albertina Museum - home to some of the best known Picasso and Monet paintings ♡

We first visited the contemporary section...

then wandered by Monet and his painting of the water lily pond...<3

as well as one of his View of Vétheuil paintings...

Until we reached Picasso's Mittelmeerlandschaft and many more...

The Albertina is definitely worth a visit if you are ever in Vienna! :)

After the Albertina, we decided to visit the Schönbrunn Palace - also known as the Summer Palace - which is the former's Emporer's Summer residence <3

The Schönbrunn Palace is huge - and reminded me a lot of the Palace of Versailles in Paris (which the Schönbrunn was apparently modeled after!) ♡

We toured the inside of the Schönbrunn Palace, which in my opinion is pretty similar to the Hofburg (the Imperial/ Winter Palace). If you don't have enough time, definitely choose one of the two to tour and save time for the Belvedere Palace instead :)

The Schönbrunn Palace was gorgeous in Autumn and was covered with red leafs <3

After sunset, we headed back to the city centre for dinner and then had a nice and relaxing night in for our last night in Vienna ♡

On our final day, we set off early for a mini tour of the Belvedere Palace which was just right next to our hotel before heading off to the airport for our flight back to London in the afternoon :) We really wanted to have a tour inside the Belvedere but only realised when we got there that touring only starts at 10am and we did not have enough time at all :(

Instead, we had a walk around the Belvedere ourselves :) We got there super early (at around 8:30am) so it was practically empty - which means more photo opportunities for us :P

I really wished that instead of touring both the insides of the Hofburg Palace and the Schönbrunn Palace that we saved more time for the Belvedere instead (since there is apparently an amazing museum inside the Belvedere). On the bright side, I guess this is just another reason why I should visit Vienna again! :P ♡

And that marked the end of our beautiful and memorable trip in Vienna <3 Writing these posts make me want to go back to Vienna again and take my family there with me when I do :D I hope you have all enjoyed reading these travel diaries as much as I have enjoyed writing them and I will be back soon with more! *Hint Hint - next up: ICELAND* ♡

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