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When in Wien - Vienna Travel Diary Part 1 ♡

Helloooo everyone <3 I am back with another travel diary :) Lately, I have been taking advantage of every opportunity I get to travel and in late October last year, the bf and I decided to make a little visit to Vienna for a long weekend getaway ♡ Neither of us had been to Austria before and having played the classical violin since I was 5, Vienna is somewhere I have always wanted to visit <3

We hopped on a plane from London and arrived Vienna a short 2 hours later :) 

Vienna reminded me of a cleaner and sleeker version of Paris with its beautiful architecture :P

We passed by the Mozart Statue...

...and reached Maria-Theresien-Platz where they had a couple of Christmas food stalls around the square <3

We grabbed a hotdog and continued to the Ferstel Passage, admiring the beautiful archade once we were inside ♡

The Passage led us to several alleyways where we found this amazing Austrian pastry shop on Naglergasse - Joseph Brot vom Pheinsten :)

Everything looked delicious and we decided to pick up a few pastries for dessert later :P

We then made our way to the St. Stephen's Cathedral, and went in to have a look <3

After all the walking, we were ready for dinner and so we headed to a traditional Viennese restaurant.

Le bf had a tradition pork dish while I tried the Austrian national dish - the Wiener Schnitzel :D It wasn't the best Wiener Schnitzel I have ever had but it is filling and satisfying for sure!

We then walked around the city centre a little more before deciding to head back to our hotel to rest when it got really dark outside ♡

On the next day, we woke up extra early to hit the Naschmarkt - Vienna's famous food market for some delicious brunch :D

Naschmarkt was super busy and crowded on the weekends ♡

We went in one of the restaurants and ordered some brunch :D

We then headed back out and saw these interesting looking pastry cakes called Mohnzelten :O We were told by the seller that these are traditional Austrian snacks filled with poppy seeds.

So we decided to have a try! These pastries are sweet to taste and are pretty delicious and unique ♡

After all the food, we decided to head back to the city centre for a tour of the Vienna State Opera House :D

The Opera House did not disappoint for sure. The interior of the Opera House is magnificent and I could not stop staring at all the columns and ceilings :O

The English tour (which you can get tickets for when you arrive the Opera House) started and we were taken inside the Opera House <3

I was so mesmerised by the architecture that I had to stop and snap a million pics :P

We were then led to the Emperor's tea room, which is the room that the Emporer would go to with his acquainces during the intermission of shows.

We were then led to the main concert hall <3

As well as the backstage! The tour guide explained that the Vienna State Opera House has the largest backstage of any Opera House in the world and we got to witness all the crazy mechanics that go into stage set-ups (I was so impressed!) :O

After the tour, we headed back out and decided to look for dessert :P

We knew we had to try the famous Viennese chocolate cake - the Sachertorte - at its birthplace while we were in Vienna so we headed to Hotel Sacher hoping to get a taste of the original Sachertorte <3

We arrived and there was a bit of a queue outside, but we eventually got a table! :D

And there it is - the original Sachertorte ♡ We ordered tea along with our cake and had a relaxing time at Café Sacher, with the sun shining bright outside :D

...To be continued in Part 2...♡
(Just so I don't overwhelm you guys with too many pictures and text in one post!)

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our Vienna Travel Diary and remember head back soon for Part 2, which will be up in a few days! :)


  1. Your blog is so beautiful. I adore reading about where people have travelled to, because I don't travel a lot myself so I get to see other countries through other people's eyes. Your photography is lovely, it makes me feel like I am there!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! <3 This means so much to me :) So glad you felt that you were there too! xx

  2. Ah this all looks absolutely gorgeous - loving your photos, it's all so pretty and looks like such an incredible place to visit! I love it! :)

    Layla xx


    1. Awww thank you Layla! <3 It is the most incredible place! xx



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