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Scandinavian Adventures Part Two - 12 Hours in Sweden + Fine Dining in Copenhagen! ♡

Happy 2017 everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year and you are recharged for 2017 hehe! ♡ I am back today with Part 2 of my Scandinavia trip :) If you haven't read Part 1, you can do so HERE - Scandinavian Adventures Part One - Hello Copenhagen! 

Continuing from Part 1, on the second last day of our Copenhagen trip, we decided to take a day trip to Malmö, Sweden :D

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden and believe it or not - it is only a 30 minutes train ride away from Copenhagen, separated by a bridge that links the two countries together! We arrived the Copenhagen Central Station and bought our train tickets there in the morning. There are trains going in between Copenhagen and Malmö every 20 minutes so you can pretty much just buy your train tickets when you get to the Copenhagen train station :)

And a short 30 minutes train ride later, we crossed the Øresund Bridge and arrived in Sweden! :D

Malmö is such a charming little city/ town! <3 Just like Copenhagen, it is extremely clean and everything looks really tidy and sleek. We had a walk around the old town centre, and then decided to get some food at a restaurant called Mando Steakhouse & Bar. We have heard that plankstek (which is "steak on a wooden board") is a Swedish specialty so we each ordered one to try :P

Anddd... it was delicious! (if you can't already tell from the picture haha). We then moved on with our journey in search for the only skyscraper in Malmö - the Turning Torso.

Walking by the buildings and sceneries of Malmö, it was complete bliss. Everything was EXTREMELY clean and modern (yet charming) - to the point that I question if anyone had ever set foot on some of these roads and footpaths before :P

We walked by some parks and canals under the perfect weather... :)

And passed by a futuristic-looking courthouse (le building in grey) :O

Until we reached the Western Harbour lined with beautiful residential houses <3 And private yachts! :D

One thing we also noticed was that we rarely saw any cars in Malmö. Everyone was either on their bikes or on their boats/ yachts :) Scandinavia is big on building an eco-friendly community and you can definitely tell just from walking around neighbourhoods in Malmö that people take this very seriously. Streets are clean and tidy, and there are recycling bins everywhere ♡

We saw a man wtih oversized sunglasses washing his yacht while blasting music in the middle of a sunny Monday afternoon- talk about post-retirement life goals :P

We then made our way further to the coastline of the city...

and was welcomed by the perfect "Windows desktop wallpaper" view <3

We made it to the seaside and finally caught a glimpse of the Turning Torso - the tallest building in Scandinavia! ♡

We then made our way back to the town centre, passing by the same residential houses we did on our way to the Turning Torso. We also saw residents relaxing under the sun in coffee shops, walking their dogs, playing with their kids etc. I thought Copenhagen was the epitome and cleanliness and bliss - but I think Malmö won it for me - especially with their eco-friendly ideals ♡

We were craving desserts/ tea when we got back to the town centre so we sat down at one of the restaurants and ordered ice-cream :P 

*A side-note:* Since we were in Sweden, the official currency was technically Swedish Krona. We only had Danish Krones with us and most restaurants/ shops do accept Danish Krones, although we made sure to ask before we went in just in case :) If you want to be safe, I would recommend converting a little bit of Swedish Krona to use in Malmö, but for the most part you should be completely fine just having Danish Krones with you :)

And we made our way back to Copenhagen and arrived before dinnertime! <3

For our last dinner before heading back to London, we decided to go for a fine dining experience in Copenhagen <3 We found a restaurant called Väkst which serves creative Nordic cuisine and has a very reasonably priced fine dining dinner menu, and decided to make a reservation there :) 

Väkst, which means "growth" in English base a lot of their dishes on fresh Nordic vegetables, while still serving some amazing seafood and meat dishes. The restaurant has a unique greenhouse interior which creates a beautiful rustic vibe that reflects their dishes ♡

All the food was beautifully presented and super delicious! This gave us our first taste of Nordic cuisine and we were very impressed :) I am definitely revisiting this restaurant the next time I am back in Copenhagen <3

We then headed back to our hotel and woke up early the next morning to get some breakfast before catching our flight back to London ♡

We stopped by Voulez Vous for another delicious traditional Scandinavian breakfast...

and then hopped on our flight back to London, marking the end of our 7-day Europe and Scandinavia trip covering Berlin, Copenhagen and Malmö :)

This, in my opinion was honestly one of the best trips I have had and I have pretty much fallen in love with the cleanliness and sleekness of Scandinavia :D I am so glad that I got to experience all of this with my brother as well and I am sure this trip will stay in our memories for years to come ♡

I have one last trip to upload from 2016, which is a getaway to Vienna and I will again get it up on the blog ASAP since I have more trips coming up in 2017 which I am SUPER excited about - the first being a weekend getaway to Iceland next week! :D I hope you have enjoyed these travel diary series ♡ These are a LOT of fun to write for me hehe and my favourite type of blogposts to read. I would love to know your travel plans for 2017, or any places you would like to visit in the future! <3

On that note, have a wonderful start to 2017 everyone - I will be back soon with more exciting blogposts! ♡


  1. This is absolutely beautiful - such a gorgeous post!!! Loving all the photos!! :)

    Hope you're having a lovely start to the week! :)

    Layla xx


    1. Thank you so much Layla! <3 <3 Wishing you an amazing week too! xx



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