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Scandinavian Adventures Part One - Hello Copenhagen! ♡

Hi y'all! <3 Happy New Year's Eve! ♡ I am finally uploading my Scandanavian trip from the Summer - took me long enough haha :P Even though we are in the midst of Winter right now, I thought these travel diaries will still be a valid guide for anyone planning to visit Scandanavia and will be fun for myself to read back as well <3 So here we go! :D

My brother and I took a train from Berlin to Copenhagen via Hamburg. It was a long journey but it definitely felt shorter than what it actually was! We left Berlin at 7am and arrived Hamburg 2 hours later, and then took a 5-hour direct train from Hamburg to Copenhagen, which was a really comfortable train ride :) 

And we arrived Copenhagen at last! :D The weather was good and we spent the afternoon walking around the town centre and visited the Tivoli Gardens :)

Copenhagen gave me a very clean and sleek impression straight away when we arrived and we felt extremely safe in the city. It was so easy for us to communicate with other people as well since people generally spoke very good English and were really nice and helpful :)

After exploring the city centre - we went for food and found an excellent burger place around the town centre called Halifax Frederiksborggade. The prices were really reasonable (around £15 per person) for a city that is known to be extremely expensive and the portion sizes were huge!

We then made our way to Tivoli Gardens - our first tourist attraction in Copenhagen. It got rainy and wet at that point and we didn't have an umbrella with us *FAIL* but we still managed to get around by running from one shelter to another haha :P 

Tivoli Gardens in my opinion wasn't worth the money because it was just another theme park. If you don't have enough time to do everything in Copenhagen - probably skip this one. We still had a fun time there, though it would have been much nicer if the rain wasn't pouring down!

After Tivoli, we headed back out to the city centre and explored the main streets <3 There were high street shops along the whole street and it was generally a really nice area to walk around :) It was pretty crowded on a Saturday night and was packed with tourists and locals :D

Anddd... we decided to get more food! We weren't that hungry at all (given the huge burgers we had in the afternoon) but figured that we should still eat some dinner before heading back to our hotel. We found this restaurant on the main street called Cafe Norden and ordered an open sandwich, a pumpkin soup, as well as a ginger shot (random for a Saturday evening I know but my brother was craving one and they actually have it at the restaurant haha!).  

The food was amazing :O When we were ordering we had no idea how the food would be like but all the food turned out to be beautiful and really tasty! Prices came to around £20 per person when converted into pounds and we thought that was not too bad at all for nice food at a proper restaurant in the town centre :)

On the next day, we decided to head off early for breakfast as we have a full day of sightseeing ahead of us <3 We found a cafe near our hotel called Emmerys which serves healthy food and is the perfect spot for a quick breakfast :)

We ordered a traditional Scandanavian breakfast set with yoghurt and granola, toasts, cheese, and ham. Everything was delicious and we quickly got on with our day :D

The weather was pretty on and off that day - it would be pouring down with rain and thundering for 30 minutes and then all of a sudden the sun would come out and it would be super sunny! 

In the morning, we decided to visit the famous Nyhavn <3 Luckily, the sun was out when we arrived and we got a postcard-perfect view :D We had a walk along the canal and it was again full of people on a Sunday morning ♡

After Nyhavn, we decided to visit the Frederik's Church, which reminds me a lot of the Berliner Dom, but a smaller version of it <3  

We then slowly made our way to the Langelinie promenade, where the Little Mermaid statue is situated, walking by some pretty buildings along the way :)

We also passed by Kastellet, a well-preserved fortress which is now a park and a historic site. At this point, rain started pouring down like CRAZY and it was lightning and thundering as well :O We hid under the covers of the fortress for a while and waited for the rain to die down a little bit before continuing with our walk up to the Little Mermaid.

And we reached the the Langelinie promenade! We were really lucky that the sun came out for a while when we arrived :) The Langelinie promenade was really calming and nice and it was for sure worth the walk up there :D

The Little Mermaid itself was a little disappointing because it was tinyyy haha. We however still enjoyed the view on the promenade :) You get to see the Scandinavian seasides of Copenhagen and Sweden from afar and it was so calming! <3

After that, we made our way back to the centre :) We passed by the Design Museum and decided to pay a visit as entry was completely free for youths under 26 <3

Since Denmark is so well-known for their furniture and unique designs, I definitely recommend you give the Design Museum a visit if you have the time :) They showcase a lot of niche designers and the museum wasn't too big and was very pleasant to walk around.

It was nearly dinnertime so we decided to go for some food at the street food market on Papirøen, which is another island in Copenhagen :D We were pretty confused as to how we could get there since it was technically on a separate "island" and there were no bridges linking the islands together, but we quickly found out that there were actually free water buses that take you from one island to another from time to time! :D

The street food market was in an open area indoors, with seatings outdoors and it was amazing! :D Our favourites were definitely the sushi, the hotdogs and the green juice (highly recommend the 'Hydration Mint' green juice from Rootfood!!!).

One of my favourite things about the street food market is that it is right by the water and there are tons of beach chairs around for you to sit down and relax while you eat your food with the amazing sea view <3 Since the weather was pretty warm on the day and the sun was also out, there were so a lot of people enjoying food and drinks at the street food market and everyone seemed to be having an amazing time <3

We sat down and nearly didn't want to leave because it was so relaxing and chilled! :P 

After that, we walked around so more in the neighborhood, met some extremely friendly local people, and made our way back to our hotel when it started getting dark <3

And that is it for our Copenhagen adventures! Copenhagen left me with such a good impression of Scandinavia because everything was so incredibly clean and sleek :) Make sure to check back for Part 2 of our trip which will be up in a few days (*hint hint* - next up Sweden :D) and I cannot wait to share the rest of our journey with you all <3

Lastly, I hope everyone has had an amazing AMAZING 2016! A lot has happened for me this year (including ups and downs) but overall I definitely had a fruitful year :) Happy New Year's Eve and I will see you all in 2017! ♡


  1. What great pictures! I went to Copenhagen at Easter and loved it. I agree that I felt really safe and also everything was so well organised (London should take note!) Happy New Year's Eve too!!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

    1. I agree haha London should definitely take note! :P Wishing you a lovely weekend and New Year too! xx



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