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Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide 2016 ♡

IT IS OFFICIALLY NEARLYYYY CHRISTMAS! <3 I am done with exams (YESSSS times a million times haha) and am currently back in Hong Kong reunited with my friends and family over here :D As much as I love the Holidays, buying gifts during the busy Christmas period can be a little stressful and so I thought it would be helpful for me to show you guys what I ended up getting my family and friends this Christmas - and hopefully give those of you who are still getting presents for your loved ones some last minute gift ideas :D

Too Faced makes an amazing Christmas collection every year and this year they came up with some gorgeous New York themed gift sets! ♡ I picked up two of the Christmas in New York sets earlier this year - the Grande Hotel Café and the Merry Macarons sets and thought they would be perfect gifts for beauty lovers :D Unfortunately, these gift sets sold out a while ago in the UK but if you live in Australia, you can find the Merry Macarons set online. If you live in France, you should still be able to find the Grand Hotel Café set in Sephora stores near you. And if you live in Asian countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia, you should be able to find the Chocolate Shop set, which is the US version of the Merry Macarons set on your country's corresponding Sephora website <3

Merry Macarons (left) and Grande Hotel Café (right)

Alternatively, the Naughty Kisses and Sweet Cheeks set is still available at Selfridges and would also make a great beauty gift ♡ It has three lip glosses and coordinating blushes packaged into three individual little gift sets, so you can either give them as one big gift to one friend, or give them as 3 separate gifts to 3 different friends :)

12 eyeshadow palette from Merry Macarons and the three scented palettes from Grande Hotel Café <3

Some family members are especially difficult to buy presents for (like my dad!) and I always think food/ alcohol is the fool-proof way to go for those you have no idea what to buy for. I bought a twin pack of Veuve Clicquot champagne for my dad at Heathrow airport, as well as some chocolate from Hotel Chocolat for family members and friends :)

If going home for you involves flying or taking the Eurostar, I highly recommend that you get wine from the duty-free area because the prices are always a lot cheaper and they also have special gift sets (like the twin pack of champagne I got) that are usually not available in high street shops <3

I love gifting/ receiving candles as gifts because I find that while a lot of my friends and I love burning candles at home, we rarely splurge on expensive candles ourselves, so candles automatically make for great Christmas gifts ♡ I am currently obsessed with Tree House by Byredo, which is a warm and woody scent which is perfect for the colder months, as well as Baies by Diptyque, which is a sophisticated rose and berry scent <3

If you know someone who is into floral scents, I also recommend Roses by Diptyque as well as Red Roses by Jo Malone <3 All of the candles I have mentioned are extremely high quality, strongly scented and will burn and last for ages :)

Before heading home to Hong Kong, I also picked up two fashion related coffee table books for my bestie Issie and I <3 Issie wanted Bloom by Estee Lalonde, which I thought looked so chic and would make a great gift for anyone who is into fashion, and I also picked up New York: Through a Fashion Eye by Megan Hess for myself :D

I fell in love with this book after seeing it in a bookstore in London and thought it is the most beautiful thing ever <3 The whole book is an illustrated guide to NYC - which is unarguably my favourite city in the world - and introduces places to eat, shop and stay in the City with gorgeous illustrations on every page :) If you know someone who is into fashion and NYC, trust me - they WILL fall in love with this book too! ♡

And last but not least - anyone could use a fun Christmas jumper! :D I got these Christmas jumpers for my boyfriend and I on ASOS and thought they are hilarious and oh-so-festive ♡

Up To Snow Good Jumper - here
Rude Dolf Sweater - here

There are also tons of other cute Christmas jumpers on ASOS so I would recommend you checking those out as well :D

And that's it for my Christmas gift guide/ presents I got for family and friends this Christmas <3 I hope this gives those of you out there who are not done with Christmas shopping yet some extra gift ideas :) Meanwhile, I hope you are all super excited about Christmas being FOUR DAYS AWAY and HAVE A VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY EVERYBODY! ♡


  1. I think nearly all of these are on my Christmas list! Have a happy holiday!


    1. Hehe I know! I say I'm shopping for family and friends but then I want everything for myself HAHA! Happy Holidays to you too! <3

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