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Brunch in Berlin ♡ Germany Travel Diary Part 1 ♡

I have been wanting to share with you all my adventures to Berlin, Copenhagen, and Sweden over the Summer, and have finally sat down and sort through all my travel photos so I can upload my European travel diaries <3 

My Berlin travel diary will come in 2 parts - just because I don't want to bombard all of you with a thousand photos in one single post :) Here is Part 1 and Part 2 will come very shortly ♡

Over the Summer, my little brother and I decided to take on a sibling trip to Berlin, Copenhagen, and Sweden. 

We spent 3 and a half days in Berlin, which was just enough for us to explore the amazing city and experience the culture in Germany. Our first German adventure actually turned out to be pretty amazing!

Like all amazing adventures, ours started off with brunch. We highly recommend this brunch place in Berlin called Spreegold. They do the best matcha latte I have tried in Europe and our food was amazing (look at our food on top!) ♡

We actually had a specific purpose in mind when coming to Berlin (apart from wanting to experience the city and its culture for the first time of course) - and that was going to their Coldplay concert! 

We missed Coldplay's concert in London (I was out of the country and my little brother was still having exams) so we decided to go to the Berlin concert since the timing was perfect. 

The crowd in Berlin was crazy and we had the best time EVER. (I mean... IT'S COLDPLAY :D). We bought tickets for this concert way back in February 2016 and all that anticipation did NOT leave us disappointed.

On the next day, we decided to walk around the City and passed by some very pretty canals on our way to the Berlin Wall. 

Very Amsterdam-ish I must say :P

We also passed by some pretty interesting architecture along the way :) This building below looks really Spanish and reminds me of Barcelona.

Our 30 minutes walk took us to the Berlin Wall and the East Side Gallery eventually.

I definitely do not know what I was thinking when I imagined how the Berlin Wall would be like. 

For some reason, I imagined it to be taller - and for the wall arts to be way bigger.

It was slightly annoying that there were fences around all the wall arts when we visited, but we enjoyed them nonetheless!

My brother did also manage to take an unobstructed snap of the infamous "My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love" kissing graffiti by sneaking his GoPro in through the gaps of the fences haha.

After visiting the Berlin Wall and the East Side Gallery, we went food hunting again, and ended up in Berlin's street food market - Markthalle Neun.

We went on a Saturday night and it was packed full. 

Being surrounded by all sorts of food and cuisines made us want to eat pretty much everythinggg :D

And we had some pretty amazing beef balls!

Cheers to the lemonades that quenched our thirsts :D

And that was the end to our first 2 amazing days in Berlin! <3

Watch out for Part 2 in a few days! (p.s. There is a LOT of chocolate involved :P)

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  1. Oh my gosh this looks so yummy!!


    1. Food in Berlin is soooo good and affordable!! <3



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