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Back To School - Primark Stationery Haul! ♡

September has arrived and I hope you are excited for this back to school season (for those of you who are still in school!). Although I started school extra early this year and am already in my 4th week of law school (HELP), being the crazy stationery addict that I am, I did find more excuses to buy a whole new range of stationery for this school year :D

I have been particularly impressed by Primark this year with all the stationery they brought out ♡ They teamed up with Gabriella from velvetgh0st for a girly, purple and pink stationery range, and they also brought out a marble and rose gold home and stationery series which I am utterly OBSESSED with.

After seeing Primark's Instagram posts on their new stationery lines, I decided to visit my local Primark to see what they have in store. I picked up two notebooks from their marble and rose gold range, another notebook from the Gabriella range, as well as the Gabriella sticky notes and stationery accessory sets :) I also couldn't resist bringing a pineapple mason jar back home with me because everyone clearly needs one of those in their lives :P

These Primark stationery sets are super affordable - I got the marble and rose gold notepad for £3, the marble notebook for £2.5, the Gabriella notebook for £2.5, the Gabriella sticky notes set for £3, and the Gabriella stationery accessory set for £5.

The total for all these stationery sets came up to £16 - I was so impressed! ♡
I am definitely using these stationery goodies throughout this school year and am hoping that they will give me the extra motivation I need to battle my (hopefully) last year of law school :D

These stationery sets are perfect as well if you are simply looking for some affordable stationery to dress up your workspace :) I will be keeping the stationery accessory and sticky notes sets on my study desk at home to keep me organised, and taking the notepad and notebooks with me to school. ♡

I hope you are feeling a little more inspired for Fall after reading this - whether you are going back to school or tackling another day at work! <3 Definitely check out Primark for these pretty stationery sets and visit my Instagram for more stationery related goodness! ♡


  1. I'm buying absolutely all of this haha!

    1. Hahaha that's EXACTLY what I thought when I first saw these!! :P xx

  2. Everything is absolutely gorgeous and you have captured it so beautifully! Why, oh, why do I live in the countryside at a time like this? haha! I need to find my nearest Primark, fast! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    1. Awww thank you so much! <3 I hope you get to visit a Primark soon hehe :) Have a great weekend! xx

  3. I am so upset right now I don't have Primark where I live! rose gold and marble are one of my favourite combinations, Im sure this will give you new motivation ;)

    Have a great Friday!
    ♥ Josune @ Your Beauty Script


    1. I couldn't believe Primark came out with this rose gold and marble combination as well! <3 Have an amazing weekend Josune! xx

  4. I can't believe this is all from Primark! I'll definitely be stocking up next time I go x

    Always, Alice

    1. I know! I couldn't believe they were from Primark as well at first <3 And they are so affordable! :D



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