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NEW YORK TRAVEL DIARY! ♡ Part 4 - Coney Island, Broadway, Natural History Museum, Fluffy Pancakes! ♡

Hi guys! I know... I know... this last part of my NYC Travel Diary has been longggg overdue! But I am finally back with Part 4 and I hope you all can forgive me for the (extreme) tardiness! 

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And now - moving on to our last two days in NYC! <3


We started off Day 6 with Clinton Street Baking Co. in mind :D We have been wanting to try their famous pancakes for ages and decided that we would finally make our way there on our second last day in NYC :) We arrived at around 10am on a Monday morning and there was a 30 minutes queue. We decided to wait anyway and grabbed some coffee nearby in the meantime. ♡

When we finally got seated at our table, we ordered our brunch quickly and the pancakes came shortly afterwards! :D These blueberry pancakes were so fluffy and awesome and definitely lived up to their standards :)

Sofie, Sharon and Melissa all ordered something different and they found their brunches mediocre. Our advice: just order the pancakes if you want to be safe! (although their milkshakes were delicious as well haha) :D

After finishing brunch, we decided to visit Coney Island and took the subway there (it was a fairly long ride!). When we got off the subway, it felt like we got transformed back in time and we were immediately greeted by an old-school American theme park. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the Coney Island theme park was the Goosebumps book series haha. I used to read these scary Goosebumps books as a kid and the stories often took place in haunted theme parks. Strangely, the Coney Island theme park looks exactly like how I imagined the haunted theme parks in those Goosebumps stories to be :O Not exactly the most positive impression one can get from a theme park but it actually felt pretty cool to see my childhood imaginations come to life :P

Putting aside all the 'Goosebumps' thoughts, the seaside area is actually really nice and we walked around the beach while stopping by some shops and food stalls for hotdogs :)

Outfit Details:
Cropped top/ bralette from Pins and Needles (purchased at Urban Outfitters)
Skirt from Brandy Melville 
Bag from Saint Laurent

We also made our way to the end of the pier despite the wind to enjoy the sea view :D Coney Island actually reminds me of Brighton here in the UK. The two places give off the same vibe to me, but I definitely prefer the seafood stalls at Brighton beach to the hotdog stands at Coney Island haha <3

Group pic time! ♡

Although it wasn't exactly a super hot day at Coney Island (mainly due to the wind!), there were still tons of people sunbathing and enjoying their time by the seaside :) 

We spent some more time chatting and laughing and taking photos at the beach, and were making our way back to the subway station when we passed by this art exhibition known as the Coney Art Walls right next to the beach. We looked at all the street art, and were especially fascinated by a few of them.

At night, we made our way back to our hotel and got ready to go out again as we have made plans to watch Phantom of the Opera on broadway on our last night in NYC! <3

Times Square also happened to be SUPERRR busy that night, but walking around the area at night definitely made me feel very alive in the City :D

It was my third time watching Phantom of the Opera (funny enough each time I watched the musical I was in a different city - London; when the cast went to Hong Kong yearsss ago; and now NYC on Broadway!), but that did not make me feel any less excited about the show :D We also got our tickets very last minute (we got them that morning before heading off for brunch) and got decent seats at the Stalls for around $100 per person. Broadway shows felt a lot more expensive than London musical tickets to me, but we all agreed it was well worth it for the experience :)

The show was absolutely fantastic (as expected :P) and we all agreed that we like the Phantom on Broadway more than the 'London' Phantom (Melissa said she felt the 'New York' Phantom was more dedicated to his role - I agreed, although both the London and New York Phantoms are great haha!)

Broadway OOTN:
Dress from Oh My Love
Heels from Nine West
Bag from Saint Laurent

On our last day in NYC, we decided to visit the American Museum of Natural History as our last stop before we had to head back on our flight to London. We did not stay at the museum as long as we wanted to, but we definitely stayed long enough to visit all the famous 'Night at the Museum' exhibits! One advice for anyone visiting though: we made the mistake of buying tickets at their full 'suggested' price ($17 for students) without realising that they were just 'suggested' prices and you can basically pay whatever you want!

If you do not want to pay the full $17 suggested price for tickets, you can definitely pay MUCH less than that - just make sure you tell the person at the tickets counters how much you want to pay :)

Our last lunch spot happened to be a very popular suggestion from friends living in NYC, and that is street food from the Halal Guys! I wasn't planning to eat much for lunch because I wasn't very hungry, but the second I tried some of the gyro rice Sharon ordered, I was HOOKED :O It was the most addictive thing ever and I pretty much finished everything Sharon left on her plate haha!

Sharon also decided to be extra keen on our last day and actually headed out super early that morning before everyone woke up to get us some banana pudding takeaway from Magnolia Bakery, which was again something that we have had on our 'to-eat' list but did not have the time to try. We ate the puddings while waiting for our flight back to London at JFK, and it was just as amazing as all the other desserts we have tried in NYC :D

ANDDDD.... THAT IS IT! 7 days in NYC, and a million memories made <3 We had the most amazing trip ever and I wouldn't change any bit of it ♡ Visiting NYC with my 3 besties had been a dream for the longest time and now it is a dream came true! That being said, I CANNOT wait to be back in NYC again :D I don't think New York is a place I could ever get bored of in a million years, and I am just waiting to create even more wonderful memories the next time I am back! <3

And here is an added bonus! Sharon made a video of our trip to NYC and you can watch it rightttt here! I do have to warn you though that I spoke an absurd amount and it was borderline cringeworthy for me to watch the video hearing myself talk so much nonesense - but I hope it is entertaining for you nonetheless hahaha! :D 

I really hope you have enjoyed this whole NYC Travel Diary series and I will be back for more Travel Diaries soon! ♡

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