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NEW YORK TRAVEL DIARY! ♡ Part 3 - Brooklyn Bridge, Soho, 9/11 Memorial, Little Italy, Koreantown ♡

Here's Part 3 of my NYC Travel Diary! ♡ If you haven't read Part 1 and 2 yet, you can read them here:

And now... continuing with our 5th day in NYC! <3

On our 5th day, we decided that it is time for us to visit Soho! :D We arrived Soho early in the morning and had brunch at the Grey Dog ♡

We all ordered French toasts and I basically completely finished mine :P We then started walking around the neighbourhood, hitting some shops on our way :)

I absolutely adore Soho and I would definitely stay in this area if I were to come to NYC again :D The neighbourhood is so friendly, with shops and cafes everywhere, and has a much more relaxing vibe than Times Square :)  Also, all the staircases outside the apartment buildings scream "New York" to me and I find myself taking pictures of every single street in the area :P

We stumbled across this colourful graffiti wall and I couldn't resist snapping some outfit pics :P ♡

Outfit details ♡
Sunglasses from Ray-Ban
Top from Jack Wills
Black Jeans from Boohoo.com
Sneakers from Massimo Dutti
Bag from Saint Laurent
Liquid Lipstick "Kathryn" from Anastasia Beverly Hills

After walking around in Soho for a bit, we hit up another food place that had been on our 'to-eat' list :D We arrived Dominique Ansel Bakery at around 2pm in the afternoon, ready to try their famous 'cronuts' (yep that's basically a croissant + donut) and their cookie shots! Sadly, their cronuts were sold out way before we arrived but we found out that they start serving their cookie shots at 3p.m. sharp in the afternoon! We therefore decided to first order a few other desserts, and at 3p.m. - we jumped into the queue for their cookie shots! ♡

These cookie shots are honestly the cutest things ever and they were super yummy (but incredibly filling as well haha - because you are essentially eating a GIANT cookie shell :P) These cookie 'shot glasses' are super gooey and delicious and are filled with vanilla-infused milk inside <3 We couldn't resist doing a little "Cheers!" before downing our cookie shots haha ♡

After having way too much dessert, we made our way through Soho again until we reached Little Italy and had a stroll around the area :)  

Little Italy is a lovely neighbourhood packed full of Italian restaurants, but since we were not ready for more food at that point, we decided to continue with our journey and made our way to the Financial District where we passed by the Brooklyn Bridge :) 

Despite the incredibly hot weather, we thought we should at least try to get some nice touristy pictures on the bridge :D We probably made it halfway through the bridge before deciding that it was too hot and made our way back. We then made our way through the Financial District, and then stopped at the 9/11 Memorial.

Looking at all the names on the memorial was a moment I would never forget. It is incredible how an event that happened 15 years ago could still have such a strong effect on all of us. It also happened to be Fathers' Day on the day we visited, and we saw a few Happy Fathers Day messages left by sons and daughters beside the names of the family members they lost, which was absolutely heart-breaking. With heavy hearts, we walked around the entire memorial and discussed what happened on the day of the attack. At the same time, we acknowledged how far New York has come since then and reminded ourselves that we have to treasure every day we have on this world ♡

After visiting the 9/11 Memorial, we decided that it was time for dinner :) We have all been craving  Asian food ever since we arrived NYC so we decided to go to Koreantown for Korean BBQ! <3

After doing some last-minute research online, we headed to Miss Korea BBQ for dinner :) The food was good (although I think ASSA in London is better) and we were so happy to be eating Asian food again haha :D Some of our friends actually recommended us to go to Kang Ho Dong instead and said it's way better than all the other Korean BBQ places in London, but it was also a lot more expensive so Miss Korea was a good budget option <3

After dinner, we walked around Koreantown and made our way to Spot Dessert Bar for more food hahaha :D The dessert bar was located in a little food court and we ordered the Green Tea and Chocolate molten cake and another green tea and sesame ice-cream dessert <3 Both were delicious - and at that point, we were so full that we were ready to go to bed ♡

I hope you have enjoyed Part 3 of our NYC adventures and Part 4 (the last part *insert sad emoji*) of our NYC Travel Diary will be up again 2 days later! (Hint: We visited Coney Island, watched a broadway show, and had some amazing pancakes before making our way back to London!) <3


  1. Wow, amazing pictures! It looks like you had so much fun and ate some incredible food!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

    1. Thank you so much Rosanna! I definitely had the best time ever! xx



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