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Officially a Graduate! My Law School/ University Experience ♡

Last week marked one of the happiest days of my life <3 After three years of Uni and London life, I've officially graduated with a 2:1 (yayyy)! ♡  I'm currently on my flight from London back to Hong Kong for the summer with a little bit of turbulence that's keeping me awake so I thought this would be the perfect time for me to reflect on the past 3 years and share my Uni experience with you all :) 

Firstly, here are some basic Q&As: ♡

1) What did I study, where and why?
I studied Law at the London School of Economics. I've known since studying for my IGCSEs that I wanted to study Law at Uni and I wanted to get into the best Uni I could with my grades. I was pretty keen on applying to Oxbridge before I started my A Levels but then realised at the start of 6.2 that my grades weren't exactly Oxbridge material and I probably would enjoy London life a little better :P Out of my 5 UCAS choices, I applied to 3 London Unis (LSE, UCL and Kings - I received offers from LSE and Kings but was rejected by UCL haha) and eventually went off to LSE to start uni! <3

I can't exactly pinpoint when I decided that I wanted to study Law but my main reasoning behind it was that I really liked reading and writing and I also considered future career prospects and thought that a Law degree would give me quite a lot of flexibility in the variety of jobs I could do in the future. Obviously, I realised pretty quickly in Uni that my idea of reading (novels) and (creative) writing is not exactly the reading (words that make complete sense on their own but when put together in a sentence is confusing AF) and writing (essays on corporate insolvency procedures :/) required when I was studying for my Law degree and so I needed another outlet for my creative writing - hence the birth of this blog! :D

2) How did I find the workload in Uni? 
To be completely honest, I did feel like I had to work a LOT harder at Uni to get decent grades compared to when I was doing my A Levels. I went to quite an intense College for A Levels where we had tests every single Saturday and so I was used to working relatively hard. Uni for me, however, was so different to College! Teachers do expect you to do a lot of independent work on your own and you really have to discipline yourself to hand in your essays on time, go to classes and lectures etc. because if you don't - there is no one there to make you do it. We usually have 1 to 2 formative essays  each term (essays that don't count towards your final grade) for every module we take, on top of the reading we are supposed to complete before every class. Our grades are made up 100% of our final exam results and so we do not have any summative coursework. This usually means a relatively manageable term time, followed by the most dreadful exam period. After three years of going through LSE exam periods, I can safely say that they are the one thing I would never ever in a billion years miss from my time at Uni!

3) How was social life like? Was it hard to make friends, start relationships, etc.?
I think my experience with making friends etc. in Uni was probably a little different from everybody else's experiences for a few reasons. Before starting Uni, I knew there were about 15 other people from my sixth form college who were also going to the same Uni as me, including 2 of my close friends who were doing the exact same course as me (sounds crazy I know!). This automatically made making friends a lot less stressful as I knew from the start that I could count on them if I needed anything. My boyfriend, whom I met at College coincidentally got into uni in London and started his first year at Imperial while I started my first year at the LSE. I therefore definitely did not put as much effort into making friends as I would have done had I not have as many friends from College and le bf with me. Regardless of everything, I still made a LOT of new friends at Uni with a few that I can honestly call best friends for life <3 I met my best friend from Uni - Issie on the first day we moved into our student accommodation :) We were allocated rooms right next to each other and we both happened to be studying Law and we just clicked together instantly because both of us are quite relaxed and aren't really that competitive compared to the majority of the LSE population who I feel are pretty intense when it comes to internships, jobs and careers etc. ♡ I also met other close friends in class, and was introduced to more new friends through the friends I made! :)

4) What was the best and worst part about my Uni experience?
The worst part about Uni was definitely the exams - they were dreadful and during my last year, I had to lock myself in the library from 9am to 11pm every single day for two months straight prior to my exams. I guess hard work really do pay off though because I have now graduated with a 2:1 and I have no regrets! (Except I probably could have worked a little harder and gotten better grades in my first year but that is fine :P).

The best part about Uni for me was definitely being in London and being surrounded by so many new and old friends who experienced Uni life with me <3 Sometimes, I really wished that my Uni had an actual campus so that my Uni experience would feel more complete, but I also LOVE being right in the middle of Central London all the time :) Everything was really convenient, there was so much to do all the time, and I really loved living in London. My Uni experience also would not have turned out the same if it wasn't for the amazing people I met in Uni along with old friends who stayed by my side throughout my Uni life ♡ They gave me support during hard times and celebrated with me during happy times and I could not have asked for a better group of friends <3

The little bro, Mom, me and Dad!

All in all, I can genuinely say that I have enjoyed Uni life and that I hope I have made my parents proud! <3 They have given me so much support throughout Uni and I again could not have asked for more :) I am now ready to move on to the next stage of my life! :D I will still be staying in London to do the Legal Practice Course (LPC) this coming school year so I will still be around in the UK for a while but that is definitely going to mark a new chapter of my life! ♡

Sharon and moi!

And at last - huge congratulations to all the Classes of 2016 around the world! We made it!!!!

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