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New baby of the bag collection - The Saint Laurent Blogger Bag ♡

Exams are FINALLY over for me - and so is my Law degree! ♡ Finishing these final exams is literally the BEST feeling ever and I can't be happier to get back into blogging and enjoying the Summer in general <3 I was doing some impulse retail therapy online at the library when I was studying for my exams (not what I was supposed to be doing but oh well :P) when I came across this little bag from Saint Laurent :) I have seen this and tried it on at Harrods before but never gave it any second thoughts mainly because I was trying to save all my shopping for after exams so I could focus on my studies. However, when I saw it again online , it immediately came to mind that it would be a perfect casual little travel bag that I can bring when I go travelling :) I have been looking for a mini bag to replace my Chanel mini flap when I go travelling mainly because I don't feel comfortable taking my mini Chanel with me when I travel (in case it gets lost or scratched since it is a lambskin bag) and have been looking for something more inexpensive and casual so I won't have to look after it 24/7.

I love that this mini Saint Laurent bag has a thin leather strap which gives off a more casual vibe but would still work great for evening outs :) I am also really happy with the price point of this mini bag and would be comfortable taking this anywhere with me when I go travelling ♡ I LOVE the dusty rose colour of this bag and I personally would not mind if there is any colour transfer, but so far I have only worn it with dark colour clothing and there is no visible colour transfer at all :)

Here is how the bag looked when it arrived! I ordered this bag from Farfetch as they do 10% off for first time customers and so the price turned out even better than I expected <3 This mini bag arrived in its signature black Saint Laurent box and came inside its black dust bag wrapped with tissue paper all around the bag and the tassel :) The delivery was fast (it took around 2-3 days) and I have nothing to complain about the whole Farfetch experience! ♡ After the package arrived, I opened it to check that everything was fine with the bag and then put everything back in its original packaging and tugged it inside the deepest part of my closet and promised myself that I won't open the package until I have finished all my exams. It was an amazing feeling taking this little bag out again the day after my exams ended and I couldn't wait to start using it hehe! ♡

And here is the mini Saint Laurent "Blogger Bag"! I love the name of it haha and the colour is perfect for Summer and all year round <3 The tassel acts as the zipper and is non-detachable from the bag. The leather strap is also unadjustable and the strap is definitely a lot longer than the strap on my Chanel mini flap but it still doesn't look absurdly long on me (I am only 5'2!). It would look way too long for me to wear single shoulder but it looks just fine when I crossbody it especially when I wear it over a coat ♡ The bag is made completely of calfskin leather with silver hardware and I can still smell the wonderful leather scent whenever I use this bag :) There is a little pocket on the back of the bag which you can use for putting cards, cash etc. and there are 4 other card slots inside the bag so you don't have to bring another cardholder around if you don't want to ♡

I thought it would also be useful for me to do a little review on what I can actually fit inside this bag. The Saint Laurent Blogger Bag is definitely smaller than my square Chanel mini flap but I can still fit a considerable amount in it. Here is everything I can fit inside the bag! I can still fit some more lip products/ earphones etc. inside and the soft leather of the bag makes everything fit really easily.

What I can fit in the Saint Laurent Blogger Bag:
- Keys
- Rollerball perfume
- Lip products x2
- Passport
- iPhone 6s
- Card holder/ mini wallet

And here is how everything looks fitted inside the bag! There is definitely still some room left :) My iPhone 6s and Passport JUST about fit comfortably inside the bag but anything longer than that would probably not fit inside. I can definitely fit more in my square Chanel mini flap than this baby Saint Laurent bag but the size of this bag is still perfect and is really handy for travelling :D If you are curious about what fits inside the square mini Chanel bag, I did a post on it agesss ago and you can get an idea of how much more I can fit inside the mini Chanel there <3

I hope you find this post useful if you are contemplating getting this bag and I would definitely encourage you to get this cute little bag ASAP if you want this specific colour since the new colours for Winter 2016 are already out! If you have any questions feel free to ask them! <3 I will be back really soon with more posts and in the meantime - I hope you are enjoying your Summer as much as I am! ♡


  1. Love this bag, so gorgeous! And congrats on finishing the degree! xx

  2. What a gorgeous bag! I can't believe it's really called the Blogger Bag. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. I know! I can't believe it as well! Another reason why I got the bag haha! <3

  3. What a lovely bag! The color is also absolutely stunning!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Thank you so much! <3 The colour is beautiful in real life! :) xx

  4. love the photos/flatlay. so pretty. and that ysl pouch is such a pretty shade!




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