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Sick Day Food Guide ♡

Happy Monday lovelies! Well in my case - a not so happy Monday. I am currently stuck at home with some sort of a stomach bug. I was feeling feverish two days ago with a sore throat and a headache, and swiftly got an upset stomach as well which just sucks. Having an upset stomach basically means 99% of the food I usually eat is off-limits, and I am only allowed to eat bland food that will hopefully make the bug go away faster! 

Even though I am not exactly happy with my food choices at the moment, I thought I would do a food guide on what I eat when I am sick and what I ate today to hopefully help other people who might be going through the same thing as me, and to get some sick food recommendation from you guys as well :)

My sick day/ upset stomach food list:
♡ Oatmeal cooked with water with half a teaspoon of Manuka honey
♡ Plain toasts
♡ Congee/ white rice with boiled spinach and mushrooms
♡ Plain crackers
♡ Warm/ hot water
♡ Herbal tea - no caffeine
♡ Ginger tea

Breakfast/ Lunch:
Having oatmeal in the morning really worked to keep me full and did not upset my stomach further. If you don't mind eating plain oatmeal, that would definitely be the best option. I however really did not like how tasteless my oatmeal was and decided to add just a tiny bit of Manuka honey to my oatmeal. I have read that normal honey might not be the best thing for you while you are having a stomach bug, but Manuka honey works great as it has natural anti-bacterial properties which can fight infective bacteria. I was however still cautious with the amount of Manuka honey I used so I just used the tiniest amount and it definitely helped make my oatmeal a little tastier. 

Afternoon snack:
I got hungry in the middle of the afternoon and while I usually go for cereal with milk as my afternoon snack, anything that is cold and has dairy in it is completely off-limits right now. Instead, I opted for plain toasts with a cup of herbal tea. I know plain toasts sound - well,  really plain - but I ate them as soon as they popped out of my toaster and they were actually not that bad since they were super hot and crunchy :) Since those are really plain, I had a cup of herbal tea as well and went for the Pukka Night Time tea. I know this tea is meant for night time, but the fact that it is made of organic oat flower, lavender, limeflower and valerian tea just means it is perfect for those upset stomach days.

For dinner, I went with congee made from white rice as well as boiled spinach and mushrooms. I love the watery texture of the congee because it is so easy to digest and white rice is generally good for absorbing fluids. I am also staying away from anything that is raw and hard to digest and went with boiled spinach and mushrooms and ate them together with my congee. That helped me get some nutrients into my body (since I have only been having carbs for the entire day and have not been having any veggies) and they also made my congee a little more tasty ♡

My drinks throughout the day have been mainly hot/ warm water as well as a cup of herbal tea in the afternoon. After dinner, I decided to make some fresh ginger tea as well (since ginger is generally really good for the digestive system) by heating chunks of ginger over water until it comes to a boil. On other days, I would add some sort of sweetener to my ginger tea but for today, I just decided to make it without any added sugar. While the ginger tea doesn't taste as good as it does with sugar, it definitely helped ease my stomach bug and is a great at home remedy for sick days ♡

And that was basically what I ate/ my food guide for a sick day. I hope this helps, especially if you are dealing with a much-unwanted upset stomach! Please let me know if you have any other food suggestions that can help cure stomach aches, nausea, fever etc. ♡ And remember to stay healthy! :)

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