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Girls' Day at Sushisamba London ♡ OOTDs ♡

Passion Fruit Cake

Last week, one of my favourite girlies and bestie Sofie turned 21! This automatically called for an annual celebration with our other besties Melissa and Sharon (In fact - I did a post on Sofie's birthday celebration at the Sanderson Hotel last year here! ♡). This year, Melissa thoughtfully booked us a table at Sushisamba London for lunch and it turned out to be the perfect little celebration! ♡

The weather wasn't the nicest on that day, and it was raining pretty heavily the whole morning (the no-you-can't-just-pop-a-hoodie-over-your-head kind of rain). We got out of our Uber praying that we would all fit into a single umbrella (mind you Melissa and Sharon were wearing heels - I wasn't!) and took the express lift straight up to 38/F of the Heron Tower to Sushisamba :)

The birthday girl arrived right after us, and the waiter immediately started explaining all the items on the menu. It took us a while to figure out what we wanted to order, but once we decided what we wanted, the food came relatively quickly.

Salt and Pepper Squid

The first thing we had was the Salt and Pepper Squid, which was probably one of the best dishes out of everything we had. The photo pretty much speaks for itself but it was truly delicious, and all the girls agreed! :)

Black Cod

The next thing that arrived was the Black Cod. I wasn't expecting it to arrive in sticks, but it tasted amazing! Pretty similar to Nobu standard in my opinion and I LOVED the peruvian corn served on the side ♡

Poussin teriyaki

We then had the Poussin teriyaki, which I thought was yummy but not jaw-droppingly good. If you are a big fan of chicken though you would definitely enjoy this dish!

Mushroom Tobanyaki

As a more filling main dish, we ordered the Mushroom Tobanyaki, which was Japanese mushrooms served with poached egg and garlic chips. As a vegetable dish, I found it to be not bad at all - plus it kept us pretty full :)

Tiger Maki Roll (left), Samba London Roll (right)

We decided to try out two of the samba rolls as well since they sounded really nice on the menu, and ultimately decided on the Samba London Roll as well as the Tiger Maki Roll. They were probably the most colourful sushi I have ever seen in my life and both were delicious ♡ I preferred the Tiger Maki Roll over the Samba London Roll since I am not a ginormous sashimi fan but I enjoyed both of them regardless :)

Sea Bass Tempura

Our last savoury dish was the Sea Bass Tempura which was another beautifully colourful dish! I have to say, however, that this is my least favourite dish out of all of them. I am not sure if this is because I am not a huge sea bass fan or if the dish was just a little bit too plain for my taste. Nonetheless, it was still a nice and light dish to end with since we were all pretty full at that point from all the previous dishes we had  :)


We definitely weren't hungry when we finished our savoury dishes, but we were not about to leave without having something sweet so getting desserts was a no-brainer hehe ♡

Passion Fruit Cake

The first dessert we got was the Passion Fruit Cake, which was just downright delicious. The cake was fluffy and the green tea and white chocolate ganache was to dieee for! ♡

Chocolate Banana Cake

And then the best dessert of the day came - Sushisamba's signature Chocolate Banana Cake with Happy Birthday written across the plate and a candle on top <3 We definitely have our waiter to thank for remembering that it was Sofie's birthday when we very briefly mentioned it in the beginning  ♡ We sang Happy Birthday to Sofie quickly (Well, at least I did. Sofie wasn't very fond of my singing and kind of blew out the candle halfway through when I was at the peak of the Happy Birthday chorus - but I'll let that go since it was her birthday muahaha). 

We dived into the cake straight away before the ice-cream melted and I had the best dessert I have had in a while <3 The cake was warm and gooey and paired with the ice-cream it was like heaven on earth *insert angel emoji* ♡ We were really full and satisfied by the end of the desserts and left the restaurant in a really good mood (despite the horrible weather!) ♡

Happy Birthday Sofie! ♡♡♡

All in all, we really enjoyed the meal and it was such a good location for celebrating special occasions :) I also feel that it is the perfect place to go in groups since you can taste and share so much of the food and really try everything out! I wasn't expecting much from the food since I thought Sushisamba was mainly for the city views but I would definitely go back just for the food <3 

♡ Le Squad: (from left to right) Me, Melissa, Sofie, and Sharon ♡

Outfit details:

On me ♡
Blazer: Zara (old) // Black T-shirt: Uniqlo // Pencil Skirt: Forever 21 // Boots: Dune // Bag: Chanel mini flap

On Melissa ♡
Coat: Zara (old) // Dress: Snidel (Japanese brand) // Shoes: Pull and Bear (similar) // Clutch: Chanel Boy Pouch

On Sofie ♡
Hair: Hershesons Braid Bar in Topshop // Dress: Boohoo (similar) // Bag: Dior Promenade Clutch

On Sharon ♡
Top: The Editor's Market (Singapore local) // Jeans: Topshop (similar) // Jacket: Zara (similar) // Heels: Aquazzura // Clutch: from a local shop in Copenhagen


  1. What a group of pretty ladies! I have to say the birthday girl was looking stunning! the salt and pepper squid and the sushi platter is definitely the dish that has me drooling!! :p

    Have a great weekend!
    x Josune @ Your Beauty Script


    1. Aww thank you Josune! <3 The squid was sooo yummy :P You have to visit the restaurant if you are in London! Have a great weekend to you too! <3

  2. Those dishes look amazing and what a great gathering!

    Stephanie | www.stephykeung.com

    1. Ohhh thank you!! <3 It was such a great gathering with great food and company :) xx



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