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March State of the Union ♡


1) Sunny days that last until 7pm 
After all the dark winter days when the sun was literally non-existent for 99% of the time in London, seeing the sun still up and shining at 6:30pm seriously makes me feel some kind of way. It definitely makes studying a lot more bearable and totally lifts my spirits up!

2) Fresh fruits from the fresh fruit stall 
I have only ever bought fruits and vegetables in London at supermarkets like Sainsburys and Tesco, even though there is a fresh fruit stall RIGHT outside the tube station near my uni (I just kind of whiz past it every time without taking a second glance). One day I was being super lazy and decided that I did not want to walk the extra 20 steps to Sainsburys from the station for my grocery shopping so I took a browse at the fresh fruits and veggies at the stall. They looked amazing and the prices were unbeatable (£1 for a box of huge strawberries SAY WHATTT :O). I ended up going home with apples, avocados and strawberries from the stall and raved about my £1 strawberries to my boyfriend all night (He didn't sound THAT impressed - BUT I WAS!). I kind of have this crazy logic that even if I buy a box of strawberries from the fruit stall every other day, it would still only cost me £15 per month LOL, which is less than my SourcedBox subscription - something to think about! ♡

3) Fragrances
After my Jo Malone hand massage, I have been in a complete fragrance-obsessed mode and am putting perfume on every single day (it doesn't matter if I am just going to the grocery store or throwing out the trash - I HAVE to have my perfume on haha). This totally reminds me of my sixth form days when I would put on Viva La Juicy religiously every single day :D For now, my everyday scent is Nectarine, Blossom & Honey from Jo Malone but I am still lusting after the Nasturtium & Clover scent even though it has already been 2 weeks since the hand massage. Plus I totally placed a sneaky order online for Pink Sugar by Aquolina! I honestly don't know what I am going to do with all these perfumes but I am sure I will figure that out haha ♡

4) Online Shopping
Speaking of placing orders online, I honestly don't see the point in buying beauty products and clothing in-store anymore because things are just so much cheaper online! I was in Boots the other day and was looking at an Estée Lauder face wash; even though I wanted to get it then and there, I knew if I buy the same thing on FeelUnique I will get 15% off plus free shipping, so I just walked away and bought it on FeelUnique afterwards. As a student you get so many discounts online (like 10% off from Boots Online, 10% off House of Fraser etc.), and free shipping is super common nowadays and almost all the online stores I shop from offer them. That being said - BYE REAL LIFE STORES HELLO LE INTERNET ♡

5) Gym classes and eating healthy
Lately, I have finally gotten back on track with my exercising routine and have been going to the gym twice a week for classes (Yayyyy!). I basically do Pilates on Monday, and then a circuit training class on Tuesday. It feels great to go to the gym regularly again after months of slacking and I finally feel that I am getting some of my strength back! (Not that I had a lot of strength before LOL but I have definitely been extra weak HAHA). I am also back to eating healthy after snacking on too much junk food in between Valentine's Day and Easter, which is great since summer is just around the corner :)

Some of the healthy food I make at home ♡ Go to my Instagram for more healthy food updates!


1) Lazy days at home
As much as I would like to stay in bed at home all day, this just cannot happen anymore because I am only about one month away from my final exams (eeekkkkk...). Exams honestly suck (law exams suck even more). Since this is my last year at uni, the pressure is on. If getting good grades and graduating with a 2:1 Law degree means I have to stay at the library from 9am to 9pm every single day - let that be it.

2) Munching on junk food
Having Valentine's Day, my relatives visiting London, and the Easter holidays all falling between a month and a half can only mean one thing - Moi eating non-stop. I usually do not eat a lot of junk food at all but when my relatives visited me in London, they bought me a huge stack of crisp and candies and chocolates etc. for me to snack on when I am hungry. While that is super sweet of them, it has not been great for me health-wise. Now that I am kind of back on track with the fitness game, I am trying not to reach for the junk food as much. Out with the junk, in with the good! ♡

3) Bougie restaurants
Speaking of eating, my boyfriend and I have been having less urges to go to bougie restaurants these days. While we used to want to try every single new restaurant and go to fancy places for meals weekly, we just don't feel the need for that anymore; either because we realised food in bougie restaurants aren't that much better than normal food (I mean Nobu sushi isn't even that great) or that we have been going to fancy restaurants too often that they don't feel special anymore (we used to go to Hakkasan whenever we wanted Chinese food and would eat there twice a month - excessive is an understatement). We have however found so much joy in eating comfort food that is by no means fancy but totally fills our souls (hehe). I have been obsessed with a little café in High Street Kensington called The Muffin Man Tea Shop which serves the best scones EVER (£6.5 for scones and tea! ♡) and I definitely do not mind having a £5 burger from GBK on the weekends :D So bougie restaurants are out of the picture for now! We will definitely still visit a fancy place on a special occasion, but we just don't want it to be a day-to-day thing for us anymore :)  

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