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Life of a Law Student: Law Ball at the Rosewood London Hotel ♡

Last week, I had a total princess experience while attending my uni's Law Ball at the beautiful Rosewood Hotel in Holborn with some of my best friends ♡ I have never attended a Law Ball before  but I thought since it is my last year at uni, I might as well go to my first and last Law Ball and have a great time and make some memories!

My friends and I arrived the Rosewood at night and it was beautifully lit ♡ I have passed by the Rosewood Hotel a million times before but have never had the chance to go inside. The exterior of the hotel is one of the most gorgeous exteriors I have ever seen and the inside does not fail to impress as well!

We made our way to the ballroom at the basement of the hotel, had a few drinks outside the ballroom, and took some lovely photos before dinner officially began ♡

When dinner was about to start, we made our way into the ballroom, which was transformed into a huge dining room :) There was a live band playing in the middle of the room and a dance floor as well for the disco after the dinner <3 We took some more pictures, and dinner promptly started.

The food was good, but not as amazing as my friends and I expected. That did not disappoint me too much though because everyone was dressed up so nicely and the evening was more of an opportunity for everyone to socialise and chat and just have a great time together <3

Appetizer - Potato Pie

Main Course - Fillet of Zander

Dessert - Chocolate Fondant

Outfit of the night ♡
Dress: New Look Sequin Dress (I didn't like the original look of the dress so I tucked in all the straps and transformed it into a strapless dress!)
Heels: Christian Louboutin Python Altadamas
Bag: Chanel Mini Flap (As seen in the first photo above!)

Before we knew it, the dinner part was over and it was time for the disco! The music was surprising great :D We danced to Shakira while sipping on cocktails (thanks to the awesome open bar!) and there was a photobooth outside the ballroom as well for us to take silly photos and have a laugh <3 At 12:30 a.m., everyone was still dancing away and having a great time :) This was definitely an amazing experience and I am so thankful that I got to share this experience with some of my best friends from uni! ♡


  1. You looked so pretty! I always like to attend balls and events, it's such a great opportunity to socialise.
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    1. Thank you so much <3 I love events like these as well because I get to make so many great memories!

  2. That dress is absolutely gorgeous on you! It sounds like such a fun night :) x

    1. Aww thank you so much Angela <3 I had a really great night :)

  3. This place looks like fairy tale
    Hope you had an amazing time

    1. Aww thank you it definitely felt really magical ♡ I had a really great time <3

  4. You looked amazing! Like a hollywood starlet. Seemed like a wonderful evening - who doesn't love an open bar, right?! :)

    1. Aww thank you so much! That is so sweet <3 Open bars are the best hehe! I definitely took good advantage of the one that night :P xx



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