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Get It or Leave It? Rosie for Autograph Beauty Review! ♡

A few weeks ago, I saw Lisa Eldridge posting a video of her doing makeup on the beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whiteley using Rosie's new line of makeup for Marks and Spencer - Rosie for Autograph, and I was immediately drawn to all the makeup items in Rosie's new line! ♡ I did a little research online on her products and came to the conclusion that I wanted to try 1) The Starstruck Highlighter Stick and 2) The Lady Rose Lipstick (which Rosie mentioned is her favourite lipstick from the range) as those were the products that especially grabbed my attention :)

The next day, I went to a M&S store nearby to look at all the products in person and was literally in makeup heaven <3 Everything I swatched was incredibly pretty and the quality far exceeded my expectations. I ended up walking away with 3 beautiful products, as well as a free Rosie for Autograph makeup bag! Here are my thoughts on the items I picked up: *Hint Hint - they are GOODDDD* ♡ 

When I saw this online, I knew immediately that I wanted to get my hands on it as I have yet to own a cream highlighter in a stick form <3 When I was swatching this highlighter stick on the back of my hand, I immediately noticed that it felt so smooth, it was so easy to blend , and the shade was a perfect pearly nude with just the right amount of shimmers :) I have been applying this product nearly every single day since I have purchased it - which I rarely do for any face makeup that is not a concealer/ powder, and I just love the natural glow it gives my skin!

The twist-up stick makes it so easy to apply, and I simply blend everything out with my fingers. Even though I love all my powder highlighters, this is so convenient to use and I don't think I will be reaching for any of my powder highlighters for a while! ♡

While browsing on the M&S website, I also happened to come across a very similar product - the Autograph Twist Up Cheeks Highlighter. These two products (on the website) look completely identical, with the exception that the Rosie highlighter is in a beautiful rose-gold packaging while the Autograph Twist Up Cheeks Highlighter is in a black packaging. The Autograph Twist Up Cheeks Highlighter is however half the price of the Rosie highlighter! I was really curious why the Rosie highlighter is so much more expensive compared to the other Autograph highlighter, and therefore did a little swatch for both of these items in the store. 

The Autograph Twist Up Cheeks Highlighter is definitely not as smooth as the Rosie highlighter stick, and the colour seems a little different as well, with the Rosie highlighter stick having finer shimmers and more of a natural iridescent look. That being said, I put down the Autograph Twist Up Cheeks Highlighter right away and opted for the Rosie one! ♡

2♡ Starstruck Contour Stick 
This product is definitely not one that I planned on picking up, but I did end up purchasing it and it was such a good decision! While I was browsing on the M&S website, I think I kind of skipped past this product because it was out of stock and I wasn't sure how the colour would look in real life. When I was in the M&S store however, I saw that there was one last Starstruck Contour Stick left on the shelf and grabbed it right away. Seeing one last product left on makeup shelves is my ultimate weakness LOL! Even though I probably wouldn't have paid half the attention I did if there were 2 contour sticks left :P My mind just seems to think the last product is extra special and that it is "meant to be" haha! ♡ Nonetheless, I am so glad that I did grab it the moment I saw it because when I swatched it on my hand, it was just as smooth and easy to blend as the Starstruck Highlighter. The shade is gorgeous - not too muddy but still gives a little bit of bronze and contour to the cheekbones :)

This is another product I find myself applying everyday along with the Starstruck highlighter. The stick form again is so easy to use :) I use a contour brush to blend this out after putting it on and it creates a super effortless look :) The staying power I find for these products are not bad as well! They definitely stay on my skin for a good couple of hours and the Contour Stick especially is extremely pigmented, so you really don't need much product at all for every application ♡

3♡ Lady Rose Lipstick
The last product I picked up from the line is the Lady Rose lipstick - which is probably my most used product out of all the ones that I purchased :) It is a beautiful semi-matte dusty rose colour, applies very smoothly, and is perfect for everyday or for special occasions ♡ I am trying to get as much wear out of this lipstick as I can before Spring arrives officially, but to be completely honest I can definitely see myself wearing this colour all year round! The colour is on the slightly darker side, but is still natural-looking and I LOVE the semi-matte finish on it ♡

This lipstick, like the other two products I tried is again very pigmented, and lasts on my lips until I eat. It is not as moisturising as some of the other lipsticks I have used, but this is probably as moisturising as it can get for a semi-matte lipstick - so I have no complaints at all! 

One thing I definitely want to mention about all these products as well is their gorgeous rose-gold packaging <3 They look so sleek and luxurious and I can tell you that the products themselves are just as amazing as the packaging ♡ Value-for-money-wise, I am also pretty happy with how much the products are priced at - £15 each for the Highlighting and Contour Sticks and £14 for the lipstick :) The Highlighting and Contour Sticks are actually a little smaller than I expected and they each only have 5g of products inside, which is around 3 times less the amount of product you get in a full size NARS multiple. However, I don't really think you need to use too much product at all as they are so pigmented :) I will see how long these products last for me and do a little update/ empties post when they are gone (not soon I hope! :P) ♡

And here is how all 3 products look on me! ♡ I HAD to take a funny photo of my pre-blended contour+highlight face hehe! :P You can see the Lady Rose lipstick colour on me as well! <3


I am honestly REALLY pleasantly surprised by how much I like these products. The fact that I reach for the Contour and Highlighter Sticks on a daily basis (which I have rarely done before for other contour/ highlighting products) is pretty amazing :) The lipstick colour is to die for <3 I have heard great things about the rest of the products in the Rosie for Autograph Beauty line as well so might check those products out the next time I am in M&S.

Hope you guys liked this review/ found it helpful and let me know what products you might want me to do a review on next! <3


  1. I picked up a few bits from this range (the eyeshadow stick and cream blush) which I LOVE but looking at this I think I need the contour stick in my life! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Definitely swatch it in store! <3 I only realised how gorgeous the contour stick in when I saw it in person :) xx

  2. These look so pretty, the packaging reminds me a bit of Charlotte Tilbury
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

    1. Definitely reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury as well! <3

  3. That lipstick colour is stunning, you'd never know it was M&S! Your blog is so cute x

    1. Yes you'd never know! And thank you so much! <3

  4. I keep going back to this range I love it!! I did a post on this (http://bit.ly/2cz4avh) and I'm so so so impressed with all of the products! I want to get more colours of the lipstick.

    1. I am honestly SO surprised with how much I love and reach for the lipstick! I love the formula and am so impressed by it :D The lipstick you picked out from the range is so pretty as well <3 Definitely checking it out soon hehe! xx



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