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My London Workspace + How I stay motivated! ♡

Ever since moving out and living on my own in yet another flat in London (I am not going to move again for a while I promise!), I have enjoyed putting different parts of my flat together to form my perfect home ♡ When I moved into my old London apartment with my flatmate last year, I did a post sharing my room makeover but I realised I have yet to do a blogpost about my new place since I moved in! ♡ 

WeWork, a co-working office space company just opened up brand new beautiful co-working offices in London and invited me to share what I love about my current workspace - which I thought is a brilliant idea! As a full-time student/ part-time blogger, having a personal workspace at home where I can 100% focus on my work and get things done is so important. I absolutely love my current home workspace and am going to tell you guys a little bit more about it and how it keeps me motivated and focused <3

I decided to have my personal workspace in my bedroom since I have always had a desk in my bedroom for as long as I can remember and have gotten used to working efficiently in my room over the years. The number one thing I wanted in my personal workspace (apart from a desk and chair) was a bookcase. My favourite part of my room back in my parents' home when growing up was a huge giant bookcase where I stored all my books ♡ Apart from the functionality of a bookcase, seeing all my books in one place automatically puts me into a "library/ time to focus" mind-set and really helps me get work done efficiently :) I don't have enough books to fill up my entire bookcase for now so I have some frames and candles etc. on the two upper shelves which I think look really cute and are non-distracting decor pieces ♡

Billy Bookcase from Ikea

For my work desk, I love having something big and long so I won't feel crammed whenever I have a lot of papers, notebooks plus my laptop on my desk all at once :) I love this desk from Ikea because it is really roomy and there are hidden spaces for you to hide your cables and cords :) Over the years, I have also learnt to put minimal amount of decor items on my desk if I ever want to stay focused on my work but I still love having something subtle that keeps my desk looking pretty and makes working a little less dreadful :P 

Here are a few things I have on my desk pretty much all the time when I am working:
 ♡ Extra lighting - For those gloomy days / late-night work
♡ Planner - To keep track of everything
♡ Macbook - A student/ blogger essential
♡ Water/ Tea - To stay hydrated
♡ Pens (and highlighters/ other stationery) 
♡ My Current Favourite Candle - This one is Baies from Diptyque which helps keep my room smelling divine :)
♡ Reminders/ Goals - I love having a blank white space on my wall so I can put up post-its with reminders and goals written on them
♡ Minimal Decor - Flowers in a mason jar to dress my desk up just a little bit <3
♡ Photo - A little weird having a photo of myself on my work desk but it is actually my intern photocard :)

Alex Desk from Ikea

Another thing which I think is essential for a good workspace is adequate lighting :) I have a big window in my bedroom which lights up my room during daytime and I also have a super bright ceiling light for nighttime. I personally don't like facing the window when I am doing work because the sunlight can be a little too blinding at times and so I have my desk facing against my window, which gives my workspace the ideal amount of lighting ♡

Another thing I love about my workspace (and my flat in general) is the view ♡ My window faces the O2 Arena and Canary Wharf directly and I love looking out my window whenever I am having a study break to clear my mind :) The O2 changes colours now and then and the lights from Canary Wharf really reminds me of my home city Hong Kong and how hard people work in the City <3

Loving this sunset view ♡

And that basically sums up my current personal workspace <3 I love the simplicity of it and more importantly I love that it helps me stay motivated and focused when I need to get work done :) For any of you who are running your own business or need a beautiful workspace to help you stay focused and motivated on your projects, I would really recommend taking a look at WeWork's new London co-working office spaces which are all over the city in the most convenient locations you can ever imagine :) 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and let me know what you love about your own workspace! ♡


  1. Hi! ♥ when I still lived in Spain I moved like 6 times from one flat to another LOL so I understand the constant change and finding a comfortable workspace! I am very envious of your view and love how decluttered your workspace feels, I try to keep it like that as well but I'm naturally a bit messy :p on my workspace, a pretty candle and some water are definitely my essentials :) lovely post!

    x Josune, Your Beauty Script

    1. Awww thank you! <3 I get messy all the time as well so I constantly have to remind myself to clean things up :P I usually tidy everything in my flat every Sunday but I try to do it more often when I have been taking things out and forgetting to put them back :D Have a great day! xx

  2. Cool work! I love your planner. Its beautiful and looks very utilitarian. Keep writing good content like this :)


    1. Thank you! <3 I only recently got my planner and I am in love with it! xx

  3. So cute - and what a view!


  4. Wow it looks like a great space!


  5. What a fresh and beautiful looking space. It must make it so much easier to concentrate when everything around you is in order, love the style!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

    1. Thank you! <3 Simplicity definitely helps me focus hehe :) Have a lovely day to you too! x

  6. LOVE your space! I have my table just by the window where I have a big and wide windowsill, so everything just goes there in one of the various piles :D


    1. Haha thank you! A windowsill is so perfect for putting piles of things because it is kind of like taking advantage of any possible extra space in your room! :P Plus everything is so easy to reach!! :D Sometimes convenience just > being neat hehe xx

  7. This looks like the most perfect, relaxing, inspiring place to work!

  8. That work space looks heavenly! Would definitely encourage productivity - love the decor!

    1. Thank you so much! It definitely keeps me motivated <3



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