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Easy and Moisturising Nighttime Skincare Routine...♡

I was going to bed last night wtih all my nighttime skincare essentials by my nightstand and realised that I should probably do a post on the nighttime skincare products I am currently using to help my skin stay moisturised during the cold winter months. I am not the one to fuss with complicated skincare routines at all because chances are - once I have gotten out of the shower at night, I am ready for bed and some much-needed sleep and honestly don't have much time (and effort) for any overly confusing beauty regime. 

I adore the skincare products I am currently using at night because they are so easy and simple to use and work really well to help my skin stay hydrated throughout the night. My dry skin is not something I ignore during the colder seasons because it can get dry and flaky so easily - especially on my cheek and forehead areas. I also get some pimples from my skin being too dry and therefore love using the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil for calming these blemishes ♡ It is such a natural product and putting this on at night means I can wake up the next morning with a clearer face :)

I have been given several Clinique products to try out by my mom a few months ago and have been loving what they have done for my skin so far ♡ I know not a lot of people have the same luck with Clinique skincare products as I do but these products have worked really well for me and my skin and I find them so easy to use. 

I like to start off with the Clinique all about eyes rich eye cream and I gently dap this on my undereye area right after I get out of the shower every night. I don't tend to put eye cream on and above my eyelids because eye products placed on top of your eyes can easily transfer into your eye throughout the night and cause discomfort. I love the consistency of this eye cream because it is a really thick and dense cream which you don't need a lot of, and it tends to stay and absorb into my undereye area throughout the night. 

On most nights, I then follow by the Clinique Moisture Surge Intense face cream. The consistency of this cream is really soft, almost liquid-like and sits on my skin really well and provides a lot of moisture throughout the night :) One thing I am not super fond of though is that I tend to get a tingly sensation on my skin right after I apply this. I am not sure if this is because my skin is too sensitive but the tingly sensation is gone when I wake up in the morning and the cream absorbs really well into my skin ♡ 

On nights when I feel that my skin needs that extra bit of hydration, I follow up my eye cream with the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. I adore this mask because I don't need to wash it off after I applied it and I can just take it off when I am getting ready the next morning :) This overnight mask is essentially a really thick face cream which does not completely abosrb into your skin throughout the night. When I wash this off in the morning, I get baby soft skin which I LOVE and I use this mask several times a week during the winter months 

After tha, all that is left now is for me to apply my lip moisturiser and my hand cream! I love using the Shiseido Moilip as a lip treatment at night right before I go to bed to avoid cracked lips in the morning and I also love the Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose Hand Cream for my hands and arms :) The hand cream smells DELICIOUS and helps me go to bed feeling pampered and moisturised from head to toe :)

So there you go! That is my nighttime skincare routine for the colder months! I told you it is really simple and easy ♡ Let me know if you have tried any of these products before and what you personally use to help your skin stay hydrated :) I will be back really soon with more exciting posts and February is going to be a great month!


  1. I haven't tried any Clinique skin care before but that moisture surge overnight mask sounds amazing, thank you for sharing!
    Nicola x

    1. Yes definitely try it out or see if you can get a sample of that <3



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