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Last Travel Diary of 2015: Mini Family Trip to Macau - Part One! ♡

Studio City Macau

Last week right after Christmas, my family and I paid a short trip to Macau as a mini post-Christmas vacation and it was so much fun! ♡ My family tends to go to Macau for holiday quite often because it is really not that far away from Hong Kong (it only takes one hour to get there by ferry!) and new hotels are constantly being built in Macau so the City looks different every time we go.
This time around, my dad booked a new hotel that has just opened in November 2015 called Studio City for us to stay in and I thought it would be nice if I do a little travel diary showing you guys what we did while we were there (we managed in fit quite a lot in for our 2-day trip)! ♡ Let's start with Day One :)

Arriving Macau from Hong Kong and getting to our hotel ♡
We arrived Macau on a slightly misty morning and took a shuttle bus from the ferry terminal to our hotel :) If you have never been to Macau before, you won't have to worry about transportation because there are free shuttle buses everywhere that take you directly to whichever hotel you are staying in. The bus ride to our hotel was fairly short and we happened to pass by an Eiffel Tower in the making haha - Macau is definitely turning into an Asian Las Vegas from what I can see! :P

Back Entrance of Hotel 

Our shuttle bus arrived right outside our hotel and we made our way in! Immediately when I walked in I could see why the hotel is called "Studio City". This part of the hotel resembles a studio/ movie set and is such an interesting concept :)

As we made our way in further, we reached another part of the hotel where all the luxury shops are located and the area is beautiful :) The check-in counters are also located in this part of the hotel so unlike other hotels, you do need to walk quite a bit before you reach the check-in area. Another interesting thing about the hotel is that it is separated into two different towers by a giant 8-shaped Ferris wheel in the middle (as you can see from the first picture of this post!). My dad booked us rooms in the Star Tower so we quickly checked in there in order to avoid the long queues that usually form after lunchtime.

Check-in area at the Star Tower

Since we arrived the hotel at around 11am, our rooms were not ready yet but I will insert pictures of our rooms here for the sake of the fluency of this long travel post hehe :P We were soooo happy with our rooms because they were hugeee and roomy <3 My mom and I stayed in this room while my dad and my little brother stayed in an identical room right next to ours :D

When you walk in... :)

Huge walk-in closet ♡

Le bathroom :)

Our living room/ bedroom! ♡

After we finished checking-in, it was time for lunch :D My dad did a little bit of research before our trip and saw that the holiday buffet lunch at the neighbouring JW Marriott Hotel is quite highly rated by reviewers and therefore booked us a table there <3 We made our way to the taxi area outside the hotel and within 10 minutes we were at the JW Marriott Hotel.

The JW Marriott Hotel Macau 
We arrived the hotel early so we walked around the hotel for a bit before our table was ready. Since it was right after Christmas, a lot of the Christmas decorations were still up and they were so pretty! We found this area in the hotel where the entire space was decorated with fairy lights and there were "wooden huts" all around :) My guess was that the hotel hosted a little indoor Christmas market during Christmas-time and they haven't put the decorations away <3 

My little brother and I! Representing the Hot Chocolate hut haha :P

When our table was ready, we made our way into the hotel restaurant and the feast began! :D I am pretty satisfied with all the food, especially the Peking duck and the dessert section :P The buffet area was huge but sadly I was too busy eating to snap pictures of the whole buffet area!

The JW Marriott Macau Hotel restaurant 'Urban Kitchen'

Chef serving Peking duck :)

Never too late for a latte! <3

After lunch, we didn't have anything planned until later on in the evening so we walked around the malls surrounding the JW Marriott hotel and did a lot of window shopping :D I especially like the Christmas tree they have up this year because they collaborated with Swarovski to create this giant and sparkly tree and it is so eye-catching! <3 After walking around for a while, we decided to go back to our hotel and to rest in our rooms for a bit before going out again as we have quite a lot planned for later on in the evening :)

Swarovski Christmas Tree <3

Stay tuned for what we did later that night! <3  Part two of this travel diary will be up very shortly since this post is getting a little too long :)

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