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My New 2016 Kikki.K Planner! Planner Set Up + Mini Review ♡

One of my favourite things about the new year is that I usually treat myself to a brand new planner!♡ I absolutely love organising, and have done a post on organisation for school before where I briefly showed you my planner for 2015 :) Now that it is 2016, I decided to go for a change and to opt for a completely new planner <3 Over 2015, I fell in love with Kikki.K and their gorgeous stationery, and have been waiting for the right moment to get one of their beautiful leather planners. With Kikki.K finally opening up stores in London, I decided that now would be the best time for me to take the plunge and purchase my Kikki.K planner for 2016! :) 

When I went inside the Kikki.K stores in Covent Garden a few days ago, I found out that a lot of their items were on sale, including this beautiful Filofax style planner and Planner Dashboard Kit :) The moment I saw this medium size Live What You Love planner in the watermelon colour, I was pretty much in love. I wouldn't have minded if I had to pay full price for it, but the fact it was 50% off from £39 to £19.5 definitely helped! :D I have previously used an actual Filofax before for organising my schoolwork a few years back and I have found that I generally enjoy using a Filofax style planner more than the notebook style planner (which I used for my 2015 personal planner). I really like the flexibility that a Filofax style planner gives me and also the fact that you can constantly change the content of your planner according to your own personal needs.

Along with the planner, the Planner Dashboard Kit in their Be Brave collection was on sale as well for 20% off, down from £9 to £7.2 and I decided to pick that up as well as I think the inserts would look super cute inside my new planner and could also create some additional organisation space <3

Here is how my planner looked when I first opened it :) 
Included in this planner are:
♡ 2016 Refills
♡ Divider Tabs
♡ Clear Pink Ruler
♡ Yearly, Monthly and Weekly Views
♡ Front pockets
♡ Pen loop 
♡ To Do List and Notes notepads on the front and back

And here are the things that the Be Brave Planner Dashboard Kit came with:
♡ Paper Cut Outs x6
♡ Quote cards x2
♡ Sticker Sheets x2
♡ Clear Blue ruler
♡ Divider Pocket
♡ Plastic Dashboard
♡ Magnetic Page Marker
♡ Plastic Zip Lock Pocket

I LOVE how my planner looks after I added in all the bits and pieces from the Planner Dashboard Kit! It really makes my planner look extra cute and personal and I feel so inspired and happy everytime I open my planner first thing in the morning - which is exactly the effect I want my 2016 planner to have! <3 

Since this planner is still relatively new to me, I won't give too many comments on it yet but I am so in love with it so far! ♡ The leather is incredibly soft and the watermelon colour is super girly and perfect for me :) I also find the rubber band on the side really easy to use and flexible as you can pretty much put as much as you want inside your planner and everything would still fit. There are a few sections that came with the planner which I don't think would be of much use to me - i.e. the Addresses, Birthdays & Anniversaries, and the Restaurants sections as I don't have a habit of writing these details down on paper. I might switch these sections out with other refills I find in the near future when I have decided exactly what I want to replace these sections with <3 

I hope you guys enjoyed this planner post and I would love to hear if you use a planner yourself and where you get your planners from! I would also definitely recommend visiting the Kikki.K stores in Covent Garden - there is a main store right opposite the Covent Garden Station as well as a temporary store right beside Paperchase inside the Covent Garden square, which I especially love <3 On that note, have a great weekend everyone! I definitely have an awesome one planned ahead (hehe!) :D


  1. What a beautiful planner, I have a red Filofax and I agree with you, I like the organisation of it! I must check out this shop when I'm in London next week!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

    1. Yes you must! It is a gorgeous shop! <3 Hope you have a great day too xx



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