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Last Travel Diary of 2015: Mini Family Trip to Macau - Part Two! ♡

Studio City Macau - Sky Garden

Yayyyy you are back for Part Two of my Macau travel diary! You can read Part One here :) Please read Part One first if you haven't done so as this post is a direct continuation from the previous one <3

World's First Figure-8 Ferris Wheel + A Magical Dinner and Show! ♡
After we had some rest, it was time for us to head out again as we pre-booked tickets to go on the world's first figure-8 ferris wheel which actually forms part of our hotel! :D This was probably my favourite part of the trip as the ferris wheel ride was so much fun and the view was spectacular <3 We first had to arrive the sky garden of the hotel where we got let into the arrival area and were taken straight up to the floor of the ferris wheel by a special lift. My whole family was super excited about the ride except for my mom haha who was pretty much terrified during the whole thing :P The ferris wheel ride was by no mean scary at all as it moves reallyyy slowly, allowing you to enjoy the view and to snap as many pictures as you like.

The Hotel Sky Garden :)

We reached the floor of the Ferris Wheel!

Looking up and this is what I see... :O

Beautiful Macau <3

Dinner and Magic Show ♡
After getting off the ferris wheel, it was time for dinner and we were so ready for more food :P Our night was extra eventful because before arriving Macau, we made special plans for dinner and to see a magic show here! :D My dad booked a restaurant that was right next to the Magic Show venue called Shanghai Magic and as you can already guess by the name - the restaurant is magic-themed as well! 

Entrance of the Magic Show and the Shanghai Magic Restaurant right next to it

The entrance of the restaurant itself really caught my eye as it is a bird cage design, giving off that eerie/ magical vibe :P We walked in and saw that some of the tables were actually inside huge bird cages as well which I found really cool :)

Restaurant entrance

Restaurant interior <3

The food was just as good as we expected and at the start of the meal, a staff came over and performed a little magic trick for us :D We finished dinner just in time for the Magic Show and waited outside for the show to start.

You are supposed to enter this "machine thingy" and it takes you to the magic show!!

Waiting outside the show :)

It was my first time watching a real live magic show so it was definitely a nice experience. Some of the stunts scared me but the show as a whole was really entertaining :) Our day ended after the show as we were all tired after a packed-full day and decided that we would sleep in and wake up as late as we wanted the next morning :)

Day Two - Macau Gourmet Walk! ♡
After a really good night's sleep, we woke up at around 10am :) The weather on the second day was sunnier and after we finished getting ready, we went downstairs to see what kinds of yummy food the hotel had to offer! 

While on our way to check-in the day before, we noticed that there was a section in the hotel called "Macau Gourmet Walk" and it sounded like we would be able to get some nice authentic Macau food there. We therefore made our way to the Gourmet Walk as we were all hungry and craving some good old Portuguese tarts (which Macau is super famous for!). The Macau Gourmet Walk is another innovative concept of the hotel as it is basically a "street" full of "indoor street-food"! :D The area is designed to look like Macau in the 1980's and as we expected - offers Macau's most famous street food in an indoor environment <3

咀香園餅家 (Choi Heong Yuen Bakery) - a bakery that has been running in Macau for nearly 80 years and is probably the most famous place for tourists to buy souvenirs. They now have loads of branches all over Macau :)

Pork Chop Bun - a Macau classic :)

Super yumsss! <3

Portuguese tart that I have been craving :)

There were a lot of other food stalls in the Gourmet Walk selling drinks, desserts etc. but we only tried the pork chop bun and the Portuguese tart as we were still planning on having lunch afterwards :P I really liked the pork chop bun and although the Portuguese tart at the Gourmet Walk was not the nicest Portuguese tart I have ever had, it was still nice enough to satisfy my cravings and both of these are worth a try in my opinion! ♡ 

After having a quick lunch, it was time for us to head back to Hong Kong and that was where our trip ended! :) Although our trip was really short, we did manage to do quite a lot and it was so nice to be able to spend some time with my family and to travel together with them during the holiday season when everyone is usually so busy! <3 I really hope you have enjoyed reading about my last travel diary in 2015 to Macau and please feel free to ask me any questions if you are visiting or are contemplating visiting Macau soon! ♡ 

And if you are interested, here are the other travel diaries I have done in 2015 <3

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