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A Glimpse into my iPhone 6s + My Must-have Apps! ♡

I am back today with a slightly different post and a really fun one which I have never done before - a What's On My iPhone post! :D I have seen these posts around so many times before and have enjoyed seeing what other people have on their phones (I am nosy just like that hehe) and thought maybe I would share the apps I HAVE to have on my phone as well! :) 

I finally got the new iPhone 6s about 3 months ago after having used my iPhone 5 for 3 years and having it literally breaking apart (my home button FELL OFF ultimately :O I am such an iPhone bully...) and I am in love with the iPhone 6s <3 It is definitely an upgrade from my old one and the rose gold colour is oh-so-pretty. I do put function on top of everything else when it comes to my phone but there is nothing wrong with merging functionality and style :D I made a wallpaper with my university timetable on it and set it as my lock screen background :) It is pretty to look at and super useful as well since I can always be on track with my class schedule.

*Loving the rose gold colour ♡* 

And here's the home screen of my phone! ♡ Apart from the usual Apple apps, there are a few others which I definitely need on my home screen for easy access :) Since I literally have no sense of direction whatsoever, Google Maps is essential for me to get through life without being (quite literally) lost. I use Spotify as my main music player, and BBC News as my main source of news :) I do have the Financial Times on my main home screen as well but I honestly don't read it very often as I follow their tweets on Twitter and it is easier for me to read their news there. Snapchat and Instagram are the social media apps I reach for the most (I can spend hours on Instagram every day stalking people and searching for food places) and so they are definitely on my home screen all the time :D

The second page of my home screen is where I keep all my folders and I categorise them into Photography, Social,  Lifestyle, Travel, etc. There are probably nearly a hundred apps altogether in these folders but I will just mention the ones that I use on a daily basis. I keep Facebook, Twitter, as well as my blog links in my Social folder for easy access, and I also do really like iBooks for reading PDF files and e-books. My most reached for app in my Travel folder is Uber since this is what I use whenever I need a taxi ride. I keep other useful apps for everyday life such as my Starbucks and GBK apps in my Lifestyle folder :D (p.s. If you live in the UK and like burgers, I strongly recommend you download the GBK app because you get a LOT of discount and freebies whenever you use your app at GBK! Not exactly in line with the whole healthy lifestyle I am doing but oh well... everybody can use a nice burger sometimes :P) On top of these apps, I also have Pinterest, Facetime and Expense on the second page of my home screen. I have been using Expense for a few years to keep track of all my expenses, and Facetime always comes in handy as I find it much easier to use than Skype.

Here is a look of my Pinterest page! I love Pinterest as it always gives me a lot of inspiration when it comes to beautiful home decor, outfits, makeup and beauty tips, motivational quotes etc. I have around 10 boards on Pinterest all in different categories and I can spend HOURS on the app looking at beautiful pictures. I even have a board for wedding inspiration although I am obviously not getting married anytime soon!! Haha ♡ Feel free to follow me on Pinterest if you are obsessed with the app just as much as I am! <3

And last but not least I am going to mention my favourite Photography apps! I have tons and tons of photography apps on my phone but two of them stand out to me the most and I use them everytime I post a picture on Instagram and sometimes for editing my blog pictures as well. I absolutely love Aviary for editing the brightness and colours of my pictures, and I use Facetune (pictured above) whenever I want to make my photos look super in focus with that crisp white background. I sometimes use PicsArt for adding overlays to my Instagram pictures but Aviary and Facetune are the editing apps I use the most :)

And here you go! You have officially taken a glimpse into my iPhone and I hope this has been interesting to you <3 Let me know what are your favourite apps on your phone and I will be back with more exciting posts soon after this crazy busy school period of mine is over! ♡ 

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  1. Great apps, I love VSCO Cam for pictures and I love Instagram too! I need to get the GBK app!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

    1. Yes definitely get the GBK app! It is so useful for burger lovers :P Have a great day to you too! <3



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