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Mini Review - Diptyque Candle in Baies ♡

Hello from Hong Kong! ♡ I am writing this post after jetting 12 hours away from London and tugged in bed at home <3 I am so happy to be back with my family and to be spending Christmas and an entire month here in Hong Kong before having to fly back to London :) Anyway - to kick off the holiday season, I decided to do a mini review on this Baies candle by Diptyque which I got during Black Friday in Selfridges when they had 20% off all Diptyque products! ♡

I purchased this candle in the mini size which usually retails for £20 :) Since they were having 20% off during the sales, I only ended up paying £16 - which is a bargain for anyone who has never tried a Diptyque candle before and would like to get their feet in the water :) I ordered this candle online without having smelt it before in person and based my purchase purely on reviews I have read online. I am so glad that I ended up absolutely loving the candle <3 I originally purchased the Diptyque Eau Plurielle multi-use fragrance as well along with this candle but returned the fragrance as I didn't like it enough to keep it :) 

If you have never tried this scent before, I strongly recommend heading to a Diptyque store or a department store to give this candle a whiff :) It is a slightly sweet and fruity scent that works great as a room fragrance and is perfect for the holidays. It is one of those completely non-offensive scents that is easy for anyone to like, yet unique and really sophisticated ♡ Even though this candle looks really tiny, it is incredibly potent and is enough to fill my entire living room up in less than an hour :) The packaging is also adorable and I would definitely clean the candle jar up after I finish burning the entire candle so I can use it to store things like bobby pins or coins <3

I thought I would round this post up with an old school rating system out of 10 (which I did in my first ever blog post which also happened to be a candle review!) ♡

Rating for the Diptyque candle in Baies: 9.5/10 
The scent is amazing - I just wish that the Baies Diptyque label is engraved rather than a sticker so it would be easier for me to wash the candle when I am done with it! Other than this - it is perfectoooo!


  1. That is quite a bargain! I've been meaning to try Diptyque & I didn't know they sold mini candles. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. Their mini candles are great! I'm not sure if Diptyque does sales in the States but they do them here in the UK from time to time ^v^

  2. Oh it's such a lovely scent! Thanks for sharing.

    Stephanie | www.stephykeung.com

  3. I've wanted a Diptyque candle for so long!! I may just have to treat myself in the new year xx

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty

    1. You have to! <3 They are amazing :) You won't regret it xx



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