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Fall and Winter DIY Festive Decor + Treats! ♡

Hi everybodyy! I am finally back with a new post :) In my last post, I talked about being excited for starting my last year at University and going back to school. Well... at this point I just cannot wait for the holidays to start! Despite being crazy busy throughout the school term, I did find some time on several occasions to decorate my flat for Fall and Christmas and had a few friends over for sleepovers/ cupcake baking sessions! ♡ 

I thought I would share with you some of the decorations I had over Fall and Winter (since they are mostly DIYs) as well as super easy treats my friends and I made to celebrate the holidays!

Pumpkin Spice Print:
I found a very similar print on Pinterest and thought I would try to make my own and decorate my living room with it :) The frame is a simple white frame from IKEA and I used a plain piece of A4 paper to draw my pumpkin spice design on. I also cut out mini leaf shapes from a piece of gold metallic paper and stuck them on top of the words of the print :)

Fall Leafs Print:
This print is super simple to make and I came up with this idea while looking at different fall prints online :) I simply used 4 different shades of metallic/ glitter gold paper and cut out 4 fall leafs in different sizes. I then stuck them on a piece of plain A4 paper and ta-da! The print is done :D The frame is the same simple white frame from IKEA.

Fall Leafs Garland:
Using yellow, orange and gold papers, I cut out different sizes and shapes of fall leafs. I then used a silver ribbon and cut the ribbon into different lengths, and taped the end of each ribbon to a leaf :) I then tied the different pieces of ribbons with fall leafs attached to them onto a longer ribbon that hung from one end of my wall to the other :) The DIY fall garland is then completed!
These have to be my favourite fall/ winter snack ever and they are super easy to make! I just cracked up some milk chocolate bars, put them at the bottom of a pan, and then placed some super size marshmallows on top. Afterwards, I put the pan into the oven and let it bake for 15-20 minutes until the marshmallows are a perfect brown colour and are half melted <3 My friends and I then enjoyed these with some tea biscuits and they are DIVINE. One of my friends told me a few weeks later that she dreamt about these s'mores in her sleep... they are THAT GOOD!

With Christmas coming up in two weeks' time, I decided to put away my Fall decors and switched them up with some Christmas ones! I still kept the same white frames from IKEA but instead made some new festive prints to put in them ♡

♡ Christmas Tree Print: 
For this print I used glitter glue for the entire Christmas tree and Sharpies to fill in the "Tidings of Comfort and Joy" letters on top :) This print didn't take me a long time to make at all and you can simply just have fun with different colours glitter glue and let the glue on the print dry overnight! 

♡ Festive Quote Print: 
I put one of my favourite Christmas Bible Quotes on this print, but you can basically put any festive quote you want! I simply outlined the quote with pencil at first, and then filled in the quote with Sharpie pens when I am happy with the outline :D I also stuck mini metallic mistletoes that I got from Paperchase around the letters to make the print look even more festive :)

♡ Gingerbread Cupcakes!
My friend Isabella came over to my flat last week for an epic baking session and we ended up coming up with this super cute Christmas treat - gingerbread and chocolate cupcakes! We originally thought about baking the cupcakes and gingerbread biscuits separately but decided to combine them into one treat when we saw how cute the gingerbread biscuits looked on top of the cupcakes! We also decided to make some "Christmas tree" cupcakes by dyeing some green icing and putting chocolate stars on top of the icing <3
The cupcakes and gingerbread biscuits were really easy to bake because we simply got some gingerbread and chocolate cupcake mix from Waitrose. All we had to do was to add some eggs and water into the mix. The icing part took us the whole day BUT it was worth it in the end!

Sooooo.... Here are my DIY decor and treat ideas for the Fall and Winter! ♡ I hope these have inspired you to start decorating your home and make some festive treats (if you haven't started already!). Let me know what you are doing this Christmas holiday and I promise I will be back soon with some mini reviews of products I have gotten over the past few months! <3



  1. Beautiful Ideas, I really love it. I wish I was good in DIY!!
    thanks for sharing.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  2. The smores look incredible! Love the pumpkin spice print as well :) xx
    Chasing Belle 23

    1. They taste amazing as well! And so easy to make! :)

  3. SMORESSSSSS, YASSSSS. I baked gingerbread once. It was...interesting. Hahahaha, loved this post, Jacqueline!

    May | THE MAYDEN

    1. HEHEHE I know what you mean... I tried making my own gingerbread mix once - the biscuits ended up tasting like cardboard O.o That's why I only use pre-made mixes from now on! #NoBakingTalentWhatsoever :P

  4. Love everything! Especially the framed quotes; gorgeous!



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