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DIY Bailey's Hot Chocolate + My Top Christmas movies & songs! ♡

With Christmas just around the corner, I am so excited to be writing this post which is all about the festive season! <3 I am basically going to be talking about my favourite festive drink and how to re-create it at home, my favourite Christmas movies, as well as the Christmas songs I just cannot get enough of! ♡

DIY Bailey's Hot Chocolate:

Having tried Bailey's hot chocolate for the first time two years ago at Winter Wonderland in London, this has become one of my favourite festive hot drinks during the holidays and I have always wanted to re-create my own cup of Bailey's hot chocolate at home and make it taste as good as the ones you can get in Christmas markets! I think I have officially found the best at home Bailey's hot chocolate recipe ever and am indulging myself in this drink way too often! <3

What you need:
Milk (preferably whole milk)
Twinings Swiss Hot Chocolate (I have tried sooooo many other brands of instant hot chocolate before and trust me nothing works nearly as well as Twinings for this!)
♡ Baileys Original Irish Cream
♡ Optional: Marshmallows (I found some humongoussss marshmallows in Tiger and I love them!)

Once you have got everything you need, making the hot chocolate is super simple! I heat one cup of milk in a pan until it is warm, put around two tablespoons of the Twinings hot chocolate mix into a mug (or more! I like my hot choco super chocolaty :P), and then pour the warm milk over the hot chocolate powder and mix everything together :) I then add around two tablespoons of Baileys into my hot chocolate (I only add 2 tbsp maximum because I don't want the Baileys to overpower the hot chocolate - but you can add as much Baileys as your heart desires hehe!) and top everything off with a huge marshmallow! <3 

I was shocked when I first tasted this because it tastes EXACTLY like the Bailey's hot chocolate you would find at Christmas markets! ♡ If you guys have a major hot chocolate addiction like me, or if you have never tried Baileys hot chocolate before, you NEED to try this simple recipe out! ♡

My Top Christmas Movies:
Home Alone (1 and 2)
I have been watching these movies since I was really really young and I remember finding them the most hilarious things ever and watching them every single Christmas! There is also something about the second movie being set in New York which just make things more festive than ever :D I have watched these two movies in a row so far already with my boyfriend and might do that again with my entire family this Christmas! ♡

Love Actually
I didn't watch this movie until recently but OMG I don't know how I have never watched it before because it is the cutest movie ever! My favourite 'sub-story' within the movie has to be Sam's one because he is just beyond adorable haha! <3 I also really like Jamie and Aurélia's plot :D This is definitely a movie to watch during the holiday seasons ♡

The Holiday
This is an incredible movie set back and forth London and L.A. during Christmas time and is the perfect chick flick to watch this time of the year <3 I love the plot and Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet's acting in it and the movie has a really happy ending to it which I love! ♡ This would be a perfect movie to watch with your friends on a cozy night in :)

My Favourite Christmas Albums:
Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey sings my absolute favourite Christmas songs! ♡ My favourites from the album are 'Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)' and 'All I Want for Christmas Is You'. These songs literally make me want to get up and dance around my Christmas tree and they are on full blast at my home during the weeks up to Christmas :D

♡ Under the Mistletoe by Justin Bieber
I know this is not everybody's cup of tea but I just cannot get over how catchy all the songs are in this album! My favourite is definitely 'Fa La La', which makes my heart melt every time I listen to it <3 'Mistletoe' is also a great Christmas song and I remember my friends and I obsessing over it when it first came out ♡

♡ Christmas by Michael Bublé
You can hear this album playing EVERYWHERE during the festive seasons but it really is a great album! I like that all the songs in it are not full on dancing songs so you can still play the album in the background while doing work, etc. <3 'It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas' is usually the first song I play right at the start of the holidays and I also really like 'Feliz Navidad' 

Writing this post has got all the Christmas vibes into me and I hope reading this did the same to you! <3 The holidays is such a beautiful time period and I cannot believe that Christmas is coming so fast and will be gone even faster! I will be getting the most out of the holidays with my family and friends :) Lastly, I would just like to wish everyone the most wonderful time this holiday and
Merry Christmas to you all from the bottom of my heart! ♡ *insert kiss and hug*


  1. I can't deal with Bailey's on its own as it's far too sickly for me, but i had a Bailey's coffee last night and it was SO GOOD. I definitely need to try their hot chocolate. The Holiday and Love Actually are also two of my favourite Christmassy films! Although I tend to watch The Holiday all year round...

    Imogen // imogenscribbles.co.uk

    1. Same haha I also listen to Christmas music all year round (as weird as that sounds!) :P I need to try adding Baileys to my coffee - it sounds delicious!

  2. Ooh I love Baileys so much especially the chocolate version :)

    nice post.


  3. Love the collection you have compiled here. Happy Holiday!

    Stephanie | www.stephykeung.com

    1. Happy Holiday to you too! And a happy new year! <3



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