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August Favourites! ♡ Beauty and Others...♡

August flew by in a blink of an eye and I can't believe my stay in Hong Kong is nearly over! The past month, however, has been fantastic. ♡ I fell in love with a couple of beauty products, but most importantly I have had some pretty amazing experiences :D 

First of all - I TURNED 20! <3 I can't believe that my teenage years are officially over and I am now (supposed to be) more responsible than ever :P I can happily say that I have no regrets for my teenage years :) I feel that I have accomplished so much in the past 10 years and experienced so many wonderful things and adventures and I am now more than ready to conquer my 20s. :) I also had an amazing time celebrating my birthday with family and friends :D I might do a post on that later (if it is not too late!!!) and talk about my goals and wishes for the coming years!

Secondly - I passed my driving test on the last day of August!!!!!! :D I officially hold a driver's license and will be hitting the roads very soon haha! I'm so glad that I passed and the fact that I only had 15 hours of driving lessons before my test makes it even more incredible :P Anyone who would like a ride can sign up here right now ___(insert your name)___ ♡ (Please get insurance beforehand though lol).

And now onto my beauty favourites! <3 I have been trying out new beauty products over the past few months and there are some that I have been using religiously in August, making them my absolute favourites :) 

I have been trying to get my hands on some Fresh Sugar tinted lip treatments for the longest time and was so glad when I found out that they are sold in Hong Kong since they are not very widely available in the UK at all! :) After swatching all the colours they have I find Coral to be the best everyday colour for me <3 It is a beautiful sheer red and is really long lasting for a tinted lip balm :D This lip product from Fresh along with the tinted lip balm I showed in my Asian beauty haul were the lip products I had been using 99% of the time in the month of August and I am absolutely obsessed with them! 

I have been obsessed with my waterproof Falsies mascara from Maybelline for the longest time but for some reason the waterproof version is getting harder and harder to find both in the UK and in Asia. I came across this Heroine Make Kiss Me mascara while shopping in Hong Kong and bought this along with the Heroine Make mascara remover which I mentioned in my Asian beauty haul. ♡ This mascara works unexpectedly well and holds up my lashes nicely throughout the day because it has an extremely light formula but still gives off that stark black colour to your lashes :) All in all this has been my favourite mascara for August and I will be using it until I can find another waterproof Falsies :P

I have been using the original Revlon Colorstay liquid liner for the longest time but for some reason the original version is always sold out and so hard to find, especially in black. I was in desperate need of a black liquid liner since my old Rimmel one (which is almost identical to the original Revlon one and I purchased it after failing to find the Revlon liner) was running out and I again couldn't find the original Revlon Colorstay liquid liner. I however found this product which is the skinny version of the original Revlon liner and I purchased it since it was my only option at the time. I didn't have very high hopes for this product at all but it ended up working so well for me! The formula of this skinny version of the liner is identical to the original Revlon Colorstay liquid liner. The only difference is that the brush is extremely thin and is super easy for drawing a winged eyeliner :) I can't say I love this product more than the original Revlon one but this has definitely been a great new discovery and will be staying in my makeup collection. ♡

This cream is a part of the samples included in the DHC travel kit which I again hauled in my previous post :D I have been trying the products in the kit out and have been loving this cream :) I usually use my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream both day and night but find that it sometimes irritates my skin when my skin is being ultra sensitive. This Q10 cream has a very thick and rich texture and is completely scentless, making it perfect for nights when I can tell that my skin is being red and sensitive :) DHC has impressed me so much with their skincare products in the past year that I have come to know the brand and I can't wait to try out more of their products! :)

This product has been receiving a lot of hype for a really long time and I myself jumped on the bandwagon about 6 months ago and purchased my own ABH Brow Wiz :D Today I am officially announcing its retirement because I have used up every last bit of this product. I loved this brow product and this is the only product that I have been using on my brows for the past 6 months :) I think I love it almost as much as my old discontinued Shu Uemura twist up eyebrow pencil and if I don't end up finding another new favourite eyebrow product, I will be purchasing this product again the moment I hit le UK territory :D

I did a whole post on this contour palette when I first got my hands on it but this palette has been my go-to face + eyes all in one product for the month of August :) It is so small and travel friendly so I basically took this palette everywhere with me from London to Taiwan to Hong Kong :D Apart from using this palette for contouring my face, I also like using the highlight shade on my lids and putting the contour colour on the outer part of my crease as an easy everyday eyeshadow look! :) 

7♡ Ray-Ban LightRay Glasses

Last but not least I have been in love with my new Ray-Ban glasses which I got in August!! :D I have been wearing contact lenses for a while now (about 5 years!) but I do like wearing glasses instead if I am just working at home or at the library. I however have not been wearing my old glasses out at all because the frames were way too old and chipped (I have had my old pair of glasses for more than 6 years!) and the prescription degree on those glasses are no longer accurate for my eyes now. I finally picked up a new pair of Ray-Ban frames in August and have been obsessed with wearing them out for groceries and Starbucks runs, as well as casual lunches with my family :D They are so incredibly comfortable because they are so lightweight and they also give off a nerdy but chic look to a really casual outfit <3

And that's all for my August favourites! ♡ I have a back to school haul coming very soon since I have been getting tons of school supplies for my last year at uni (sob sob). I hope you guys have had a wonderful August and are all ready to embrace the new school year and Fall 2015! <3

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