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When In Taiwan ♡ My Kaohsiung Travel Diary ☀

In the past two weeks that I have been completely MIA from the face of the blogging world, I finished my summer internship, took a couple of driving lessons to prepare for my driving test (which will be at the end of August), and most importantly made a short trip to Kaohsiung to visit my boyfriend! ♡ Kaohsiung is Taiwan's second largest city after Taipei, located in the South of Taiwan :) Although my trip wasn't very long, and was cut short due to a typhoon attacking the whole of Taiwan on the day I was supposed to leave (bad timing!), I still had a great time and am here to share with you guys a couple of things that I did/ ate while I was there on holiday! :D I was really lucky weather-wise because although a typhoon was coming, there wasn't a single drop of rain for the three days and nights I was there and it was extremely sunny the whole time :) It was however also incredibly hot but luckily le bf was nice enough to drive me around so we didn't have to suffer from the heat (for the most part!) ☀
On Tuesday morning, I jetted off from sunny Hong Kong to Kaohsiung :D It was an extremely short flight that only lasted for an hour :) Soon after, le bf picked me up from the airport and we made our way to the hotel to drop off my luggage ♡

That's me looking incredibly confused trying to get GPS on my phone to work so we can find out how to get to the hotel from the airport lol :P 

Here are a couple of things that we did which I have enjoyed during my trip in Kaohsiung: ♡

1 ♡ Exploring the city during the day and at night

Although Kaohsiung doesn't give off the same big-city vibe that Taipei does, this city is filled with its own cultures and has a very special charm to it. We drove past highways and entered into the city centre where you can see streets after streets of closely knitted shops, as well as big department stores :)
Kaohsiung is pretty busy I would say both during the day and at night :) We visited a few malls, shops, restaurants, cake shops etc. around the city centre and people are also generally very nice and friendly :D 

I would totally have gotten a bubble tea from the various bubble tea shops you can find on the streets if I wasn't so full the whole time I was in Kaohsiung (so much food every day haha!). I did however visit different cake shops, where they sell special cakes and desserts such as authentic Taiwanese pineapple tarts and taro cakes :) Those are definitely worth a try if you are planning on visiting the city - they are delicious and are some of the best things about Taiwan ♡

Kaohsiung is pretty busy at night and I find shops to be opened until late (around 10pm!). We got a lot of last minute shopping done at night and most importantly the night markets are jam-packed with cars and people getting late night snacks :) 

Night-time car selfie <3

2 ♡ Visiting the Kaohsiung seaside area
On the second day, le bf and one of his best friends decided to take me to the seaside area of Kaohsiung since the weather was looking beautiful and the area is a famous tourist site of the city :) We drove up Shoushan, where the National Sun Yat-sen University is situated, and was able to enjoy the beautiful sea view from there ♡ 

We drove past the University and went even higher up the mountain, where there are several coffee shops and cafés offering food and drinks with the beautiful sea view ♡ The cafés are however not easily reached by tourists since tourist buses won't be able to fit in the small roads going up the mountain. Although we were able to drive most of our way up, we had to go on foot for a while before we could reach the cafés.

Once we reached one the cafés, we were able to enjoy the sea view while enjoying the drinks we ordered :) 

The café we visited - Escape 41 ♡

We also decided to take our drinks outdoor and stayed there for a while :) The weather was BOILING but we did enjoy our time and the view a lot :D
Selfie with the viewwww ♡

Our journey down the mountain was just as pretty as our journey up :) The sun was starting to set by then so the weather wasn't as hot ☀ I was hoping to see monkeys on trees at the mountain (apparently the mountain is really famous for having monkeys around!) but sadly we weren't able to see any at the time. We still had a really relaxing time though and having a car to ride up the mountain helped a lot! :)

Another interesting place we visited was an abandoned warehouse site turned art center :) According to le bf, the art center, which was right beside a pier in Kaohsiung used to be a warehouse site where ships' cargos were stored. Since the warehouses were no longer in use, they were turned into an art center by the government and local artists and is now a famous tourist site :) 

One mistake we made was arriving the art center way too late. We decided to go late afternoon when the sun wasn't shining as bright so it won't be too hot, only to find out that the indoor exhibitions all close at 6pm :( We did however enjoy tons of outdoor exhibitions and this is definitely a site to visit ♡ I would love to visit the art center again next time I am in Kaohsiung to see the indoor exhibitions :D
Apart from the art exhibitions, there are also a lot of quirky shops around the area :) This shop below sells the world's smallest lego pieces and lego toys :D There was also another shop which I loved that sells the cutest postcards, stickers, and souvenirs etc. ♡ I did some damage at these shops and had a great time at the art center :)

4 ♡ Food, glorious FOOD!
Since food is such a big part of both le bf and my life, I CANNOT go to Kaohsiung without trying all of its best food <3 The first café we went to was Dazzling Cafe, which actually opened a branch in Hong Kong not too long ago, attracting horrendous queues at their Hong Kong shop. The Kaohsiung branch in comparison was peaceful and queueless :D We ordered a salad, some drinks, as well as one of their famous french toasts ♡ I would recommend paying Dazzling Cafe a visit if you are in Taiwan to try their crazy french toasts :D

Apart from the cute cafés, we also ate a lot of yummy street food and food that you would only ever find in Taiwan :D The street stall at Ziqiang Night Market below allows you to choose your ingredients; they then cook whatever you chose for you and you get to take away your food to enjoy at home or right there at the night market :)

My bf also brought me to a few other traditional Taiwanese food places :) Minced pork rice is a Taiwanese specialty and I had the best minced pork rice I've ever had at a food stall in Kaohsiung :D This minced pork rice stands out from the others I have tried before because it uses sticky rice, which I LOVE. Taiwanese street food prices are also unbeatable :D This minced pork rice was 25 NTD - £0.5! ♡ Sounds too good to be true but this pricing is actually pretty standard in Kaohsiung (street food wise!) <3

Apart from the minced pork rice, my bf also brought me to a famous traditional rice dumpling place called Kuo's Rice Dumpling Shop (郭家肉粽), which has remained unchanged for more than 60 years! I had a taste of their rice dumpling - which is basically sticky rice covered with a special sauce and peanut powder. Although I have tried different types of rice dumplings in Asia, I have never had anything like this before outside of Taiwan :D

On top of all the street food, we visited two Japanese restaurants where they serve fresh seafood and make them into sashimi/ sushi :D Both places were delicious and Japanese cuisine seems to have a very strong presence in Kaohsiung/ Taiwan. I always have Japanese food everytime I am in Taiwan and I find the level of standard of their Japanese food to be truly high :)

Lastly, I did pick up a couple of taro cakes from the cake shop Omiyage (不二家) to bring back to Hong Kong for my family, relatives and myself to enjoy <3 I usually love bringing back pineapple tarts but I saw that Taiwanese taro cakes have been all the rage lately on Instagram and thought I would try them this time instead :D

The taro cakes from Omiyage are super yummy and creamy, and have just the right amount of sweetness :) I probably still prefer pineapple tarts to taro cakes (just because I have a soft spot for pineapple tarts haha) but these are definitely worth trying! :D My family seems to have enjoyed them as well ♡

And that completes my short but sweet Kaohsiung trip! ♡ At the end of the day, I was really glad to see my boyfriend again after not having seen him for a month and a half, and will definitely return to the city next year to visit :) I feel that there are still so many places that I haven't been to and would like to explore further, especially since I was forced to change to an earlier flight going back to Hong Kong because of the typhoon!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this travel post and I will be back shortly with Asian beauty hauls, a book haul, and more! ^v^

*August 2016 Update: Since this post has been really popular and was written a year ago, I have now included some links for the sites/ food places I mentioned in the post :) If you click on them, you will be directed to a Round Taiwan Round webpage which provides up-to-date information about the site/ restaurant including opening hours, addresses etc. I hope these links would be useful if you are planning a trip to Kaohsiung soon! xx


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I really liked the travel post xx


  2. This is such a lovely post with lots of beautiful pictures - looks wonderful and like you had a great time! Can't wait to see the hauls too! Such a variety of different products…love it :)

    Layla xx


    1. Thank you! The hauls are coming (finally!) :D

  3. Heeey Sweetheart!
    I am Brazilian and I was looking for foreign blogs then I found his own, which by the way is beautiful and certainly I'm already following you.
    It makes me a visit there on my blog, I'll love it!
    You are rolling a wonderful giveaway on my blog. We will participate?
    Sucess always!
    XOXO *--*

  4. Looks like you had such a great time and I love all the pictures, especially all the food! It's made me hungry!! Good luck for your driving test!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose’s Rooftop

    1. Thank you! I have been busy practicing my driving skills haha :D Have a great week ahead! :) xx

  5. All that food... Taiwain looks like such a cool place to visit!

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic - Personal Style, Beauty and Lifestyle

    1. It really is! Definitely visit if you get the chance :D

  6. Wow you take amazing photos, especially with the fish eye lens!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

    1. Thank you so much! The photos with the fish eye effect are actually taken with a GoPro Hero 4! :) xx

  7. Amazing photo diary - looks like you have a fab time

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you and have a good day to you too! <3

  9. Where was the sushi restaurant? I too am visiting Kaohsiung with the family, I was hoping to hit some of the same spots :)



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