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My Top 10 Summer Vacation Essentials! ♡

Hi guys! I am back from my trip to Barcelona and had the most amazing time! ♡ I CANNOT wait to share my trip with you but while I am still getting all my pictures together I thought I would also share with you my top Summer vacation essentials! :) So here we go! ♡

1♡ Camera 
I do not use my polaroid camera often but I love bringing it along with me on a trip :) A selfie stick is also immensely useful :D

2♡ Sunglasses
Probably the most important thing to bring along with sunscreen. I broke my old sunglasses right before my trip and was debating whether to pick up a pair of cheap sunglasses from H&M or get a pair from Ray Bans. I realised that cheap sunglasses do not really offer much protection from UV rays and so went with the Ray Bans :) Make sure you bring a pair that would actually protect you from the sun and harmful UV rays! 

3♡ Sunscreen
Summer important for avoiding unwanted wrinkles and sunburn! I use the Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream Plus for my face and picked up a body sunscreen from Boots right before I left :)

4♡ A Summer read
I was browsing through WH Smith Books at the airport before my flight and found a new Summer read - Sleep Arrangements by Sophie Kinsella :D I love Sophie Kinsella AND the plot is set in Spain so I thought I had to pick this up as my holiday book :D I love reading 'bubble-bath/ lying on the beach books' like these when I am on the plane or relaxing at the hotel at night :)

5♡ Dry Shampoo
I bring a dry shampoo everywhere with me and it really comes in handy. Recently I seem to be trying ever single scent available for the Baptiste dry shampoo and brought the Tropical Coconut & Exotic scented one with me on the trip. I love this scent (along with all the other scents - except the original one haha) and it is perfect for a summer vacation! :)

6♡ High Waisted Shorts
Out of the 4 days that I was in Barcelona, I wore high waisted denim shorts for 3 days! I recently found these shorts on ASOS which are quite easy to pair with cropped tops because they are very high waisted and do not make me feel that I have to suck in my stomach in every time I am wearing a cropped top :D 

7♡ Cropped tops
And speaking of cropped tops, I have been addicted to them lately ♡ I found some that I love from Victoria's Secret during this time last year which I mentioned in this post and found more cropped tops that I love in Topshop and Zara :) You will probably see me wearing those in my Travel Diary post that I will put up soon!

8♡ Thin cardigan/ kimono
Even though the weather might be super hot, some places get quite cool at night and you might need a cardigan to put on. A kimono/ cardigan is great for tying around your waist during daytime and putting it on when it gets more chilly :) They also come in handy during flights when the AC is on and when the plane gets cold!

9♡ Blister Plasters
I recently got a pair of new sandals from Forever 21 (the ones in the picture above next to my suitcase!) and although they are so so pretty, they give me the WORST blisters and so I bought tons of blister plasters before I left to stop my feet from hurting. I must say though - blister plasters can't completely cure a bad pair of shoes, but they do ease a lot of pain 

10♡ All-white sneakers
I should have known from the blisters that I get from wearing the Forever 21 sandals that the shoes are NOT A GOOD SIGN but little did I know that one of the heel would completely separate from the shoe and break while I was walking on a busy street during my holiday! :O After this happened I vowed to never trust a pair of Forever 21 shoes ever again (their shoes are cute - just not for hardcore walking) and I went into Massimo Dutti in Barcelona and picked up a pair of all-white leather sneakers which look SO PRETTY! If you are going to be doing some walking/ sight-seeing on your holiday, I would recommend picking up a pair of all-white sneakers just because they are so chic and go with tons of outfits, and are really comfy and trust-worthy! ♡

*Some extrasss*
♡ Bikini set - if you are going into the ocean/ beach/ pool 
♡ Flash tattoos - just for an added pretty, summery vibe


  1. Great picks, I'm off to my house in Sicily tomorrow for a family wedding and have bought some flash tattoos (not sure if they're really wedding things but I'm going for it!) I definitely need to pick up some dry shampoo at the airport tomorrow - thanks for reminding me!
    Have a great day and glad that you had a good time in Barcelona, looking forward to the pictures!
    Rosanna x
    Rose’s Rooftop

    1. Haha go for it! I think flash tattoos look really pretty regardless of the occasion as long as you don't put way too many of them on! :D Hope you have a great time at the wedding! xx

  2. so jealous you went to barcelona! i agree with all of these, i'm going to rome next month so these things will come in handy :)

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway

    1. And I am so jealous that you get to go to Rome! <3 I am glad that these tips help and I hope you have an amazing trip! xx



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