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The Smart Girl's Guide To Staying Healthy When Exam Period Strikes! ♡

1) You might be SUPER busy at the moment, but try to sneak in a lunchtime/ dinner workout :D If you have access to a gym or fitness studio, they might have 30-45 minutes classes around the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock period, which are perfect as little study breaks. A sweat session gives you endorphins and I personally find that I get a lot more energy and motivation to continue with my studies after a good workout :)

2) When in doubt, go for green tea or water. Staying hydrated is so important even when you are just at the library all day long and green tea is perfect for detoxing and helping you stay fit even when you don't have the time to exercise. My favourite green tea at the moment is the Mango and Lychee Green Tea from Twinings which is delicious! If you find water a bit too boring, add in slices of lime, lemon and orange - maybe some mint as well! I love the flavour they add to plain water and they literally make the best detox water :D

3) The idea of cooking your own food might be completely out the window because of your study schedule, but if there is one meal that you should cook - it is definitely breakfast. I love blending myself a green smoothie every morning (it only takes about 5 mins - you can check out some of the green smoothie recipes I have posted here and here :D) to take to the library with me or to drink while I am getting ready. It is a good way to get your greens in first thing in the morning and it will keep you energised for the whole day :)

4) If you are keen on cooking your own meals, go for easy to cook carbs and proteins like quinoa and chicken :) I like cooking my quinoa in a rice cooker first thing in the morning and just letting it cook while I'm getting ready or making breakfast, and popping the cooked quinoa into the fridge before I go out so I have it all ready to eat by lunch/ dinnertime. This might sound silly but when I cook chicken, I cut my chicken fillets into really small and thin pieces which make them cook ridiculously fast! This is perfect for those of you who only have around half an hour for lunch because that is all the time you would need :)

5) Dried/fresh fruits and nuts are your best friends right now. If you find yourself reaching for a bunch of junk food like candies and crisps - STOP and reach for some dried fruits instead :P I love having raisins and walnuts as snacks and I literally bring them everywhere with me :D I also LOVE dried mangoes but some brands add a lot of extra sugar to them so you have to be careful when choosing your dried fruits.

6) I know a lot of people might disagree with me on this but try your best to stay away from store-bought caffeinated drinks like instant coffees and energy drinks. Although these might give you an extra boost of energy, they also contain a lot of sugars and funny chemicals and are not the best things to drink (especially not in bulk!) when you want to stay healthy during exam period. Try to go for a black coffee or a shot of expresso instead :) 

7) And if you MUST have that caramel macchiato at Starbucks, just because, well... we all get those cravings once in a while (or everyday haha!), a good way of making it relatively healthier is to ask for one pump of syrup instead of the usual 2-4 pumps that they put in. The Tall size in Starbucks usually have 2 pumps of syrup and the Venti size usually have up to 4 pumps of syrup in them! I have been asking for only one pump of syrup lately and it honestly doesn't make that big of a difference taste-wise. You are essentially drinking more milk and half the sugar/ calories/ chemicals that your favourite drink normally comes with :D

And there you go! These are my tips for staying healthy when you just don't have the time :) If you want more healthy food/ fitness posts, definitely check out the new Health & Fitness section that I created for this blog :D I didn't realise how often I actually post about health and fitness until now and thought it would just be easier if I group all these posts in one place <3 Also, check out my Instagram for my fitness update because I post all the food I eat + my workouts there daily! ♡

Time for me to get back to revision :( Until next time, study hard and stay motivated darlings! ♡


  1. Great tips, I would always get ill during exam season! Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose’s Rooftop

    1. Getting sick during exam season is the worst!! Hope the tips helped and have a great weekend to you too! <3

  2. It's not yet exam season for me, but it's rapidly approaching and I'm starting to get more projects and stuff, so this was super helpful. Thanks for sharing! x

    1. I am so glad this helped! Good luck for your projects and exams! <3



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