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Lunch Break in Chelsea ♡ Restaurant Gordon Ramsay + Kitchen Tour! ♡

Hi guys! I just happened to be looking through the photos I have taken recently and can't believe I have completely forgotten to do a post on this really nice dining experience I had a week ago! I am NOT a food blogger whatsoever but as you might be able to tell - food is quite a big part of my life in London, the reason being I am surrounded by so many nice restaurants and the boyfie is also a big gastronomy fan ♡ That being said, although I did start my blog out as beauty/ fashion focused platform, I hope you guys enjoy these types of lifestyle posts as well because they truly reflect my life in London and give you a more all-rounded view of the things I love! <3

Back to the restaurant - Restaurant Gordon Ramsay ♡ The boyfie and I have always wanted to try this 3 michelin starred restaurant because of its top of the rank status and our obsession with Masterchef! We were having quite a stressful time studying with exams coming so we thought - what would be better than getting a nice study break in one of the restaurants in our to-go list?! We realised tables are pretty hard to book but we were lucky enough to be able to reserve a table just one and a half weeks before our lunch date :)

On the day of our lunch, we studied for the whole morning and when lunchtime striked, off to Chelsea we went! It was a really sunny day out and we could have easily walked to the restaurant from South Kensington but since we were running late, Uber it was! ♡

The restaurant is really unique in the sense that it is situated in a house in the middle of Chelsea and the whole 'living room' is the restaurant itself! The restaurant was definitely small but felt really intimate and the staff there, especially Maitre d' Jean-Claude Breton made us felt very welcome and were extremely friendly. We opted for the set lunch menu and the food came really fast - which was perfect as we were really hungry :D

The amuse-bouche/ pre-appetizer - Baked potato mousseline with smoked egg-yolk, cheese foam and truffle

Boyfie's appetizer - Beetroot salad with smoked mackerel

My appetizer - Agnolotti! :)

My main course - Roasted rabbit loin with Bayonne ham (my first time eating rabbit!)

Boyfie's dessert - Blood orange custard tart (I had a try - it was AMAZING!)

My dessert - Poached Yorkshire rhubarb with Tahitian vanilla parfait and frozen olive oil ♡

Petit fours - White chocolate ice-cream truffles served over dry ice! ♡

The complete petit fours - Truffles, Dark chocolate, Turkish Delight ♡

Although the portion sizes weren't that huge, I love that I was satisfied after the meal without feeling I have stuffed wayyy too much food in my stomach (like how I usually feel in most other fine dining restaurants)! The food was delicious :) I found my savoury dishes a littleeee too over-seasonsed for my liking but the boyfie loved every part of his food <3 The desserts have to be my favourite and my dessert - the Poached Yorkshire rhubarb was absolutely delicious. I LOVED the extra touch of olive oil (sounds strange for olive oil to be in a dessert I know but OMG it was the best thing ever!) 

After we finished our food, Maitre d' Jean-Claude Breton offered to take us on a tour of the kitchen and that was definitely something we couldn't pass up! There were a lot of kitchen staff for the size of the restaurant and the staff are all quite young, which was great to see that the younger generation is working in such a top-notch restaurant :D Jean-Claude was hilarious and joked that he has only been working in the restaurant for a week and already has grey hair coming out LOL! 

All in all, it was such a unique dining experience and I loved every part of it :) From the small talks with the staff to the food, everything was near to perfection and I would love to visit the restaurant again! For £55 per person (lunch set), it was well worth it in my opinion and I would recommend anyone having a special occasion coming up or have been thinking of visiting the restaurant to do so <3

Photo taken in the buzzing kitchen of Restaurant Gordon Ramsay ♡

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