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My Honest Thoughts - The Glam Guide by Fleur de Force - a Book Review ♡

I previously did a book review on Tanya Burr's Love, Tanya and mentioned that I also picked up a copy of the Glam Guide and thought it would be interesting to do a book review on this book as well and do a comparison of the two books as they do seem quite similar, being in the same genre and both written by British beauty YouTubers.
While I wasn't too keen on Love, Tanya, I would like to first start off by saying that I actually quite enjoyed the Glam Guide! 
Things I love about the book/ my favourite sections ♡
♡ The thing I first noticed about this book is the language - it is clearly a lot more complex than Love, Tanya and I found it really comfortable to read and don't find the tone to be too childish at all. 
♡ I also like how at least half the book is focused on beauty and fashion; the beauty advice is good, I would say about 50% of the beauty tips in the book are pretty generic but the other 50% of them are quite original and tips that I have never heard of before.
♡ One of my favourite parts of the book is the 'Ingredient Blacklist' section of the beauty chapter where Fleur talks about controversial ingredients in beauty products - I find this really insightful and I really like how Fleur mentions the dangerous side of beauty products in her book instead of just focusing on generic beauty advice and the practical side of beauty products. 
♡ I also find the section 'How to Shop the Sales' in the Fashion chapter, along with the whole Travel chapter really interesting - quite a lot of practical advice and tips I have never thought of before :)
♡ The Health and Fitness sections I also enjoyed - although I wish the fitness section is a little bit longer. The health section is great - lots of advice on juicing and making smoothies, as well as recipes that I really want to try out!
♡ The illustrations throughout the book cannot be missed - they are beautiful and made the book that much more enjoyable to read :)
Things I am not too keen on ♡
♡ Some spelling/ editing errors - nothing detrimental but obviously I would want the book to be as perfect as it should be :)
♡ I found most of the advice in the fashion chapter to be a little bit vague and generic - there are individual sections in the chapter that I really enjoyed though!
♡ The sections on self confidence, body image and positive thinking didn't feel very personal and I feel like Fleur put these sections in the book just because her viewers requested them. These are the few sections that I feel Tanya did better on in her book but then Fleur's book is mainly focused on being glamorous (hence the name the Glam Guide) so these sections didn't really affect my reading experience too much!
All in all, I actually really enjoyed the book! After reading both the Glam Guide and Love, Tanya I do realise that they are actually very different - Tanya's book is definitely a lot more lifestyle based (about her experiences growing up, how she personally deals with self confidence and body image) while Fleur's book is mainly focused on beauty and fashion, along with a bit of lifestyle tips. I do think that the content in the Glam Guide goes quite well with the content that Fleur puts up on YouTube. I would recommend this book to any age group - the body image, relationship advice parts might only be relevant to teenagers but I think any age group would enjoy the rest of the book :)
If you have read the Glam Guide or Love, Tanya (or both!), tell me what you think about the books! I would love to know your thoughts on them ♡


  1. I haven't read the glam guide or Love, Tanya. I have seen them both in stores though. I did notice that The Glam Guide is more complex than Tanya's book. I obviously didn't read a whole lot of the books (since I was in the bookstore) but I think I wouldn't buy either of them. I don't know still not convinced.
    I like that you discussed the pos & negs. Gives a real honest perspective!


    1. Thank you so much for your comment! <3 It seems like every single review on these books out there is extremely positive so I'm glad you enjoyed my somewhat more balanced review :) I can imagine tons of girls finding these books too basic for their liking :) xx



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