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Easter Egg Inspired Nails! ♡

Hi lovelies! ♡ I am back in London from my holiday in Amsterdam! :D I had such a GREAT time there and I will be doing a mini travel diary shortly for the trip, but while I am still getting my photos organised, I thought I would show you this uber cute easter egg inspired nail design ♡ I can't believe Easter is nearly here already and seeing chocolate eggs everywhere definitely puts me in the festive mood! ♡

I received an amazing Ciaté nail polish advent calendar for Christmas and I was playing with all the nail polishes when I found this really pretty combination which I thought would make the cutest easter egg inspired nails - Kiss Chase (a slightly neon pink polish) and Snow Globe (a really beautiful holographic flakes filled top coat) ♡

And here are my easter egg inspired nails under bright sunlight! <3 The holographic flakes shows up really well depending on the lighting and every time I look at my nails I am definitely reminded of all the goodness that comes with Easter ♡ 

What are you doing for Easter? ♡ Hopefully you can all have a few days to relax and enjoy some delicious chocolate eggs at home (or anywhere else hehe). Meanwhile, I will be studying for my exams while trying not to eat up too much Easter sweet treats! ♡


  1. Love the nail art and looking forward to seeing your travel diary! Have a great weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose’s Rooftop

    1. Thanks and I finally posted my Amsterdam travel diary! <3 Happy Easter to you! xx
      Jacqueline x



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