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What's in my travel makeup bag ♡

Since I am heading off to Amsterdam tomorrow for a short holiday, I thought I would show you guys what I am packing in my travel makeup bag! :D When I am travelling I like to pack as light as possible and so all the makeup products I am bringing with me are my essentials/ absolute favourites :)  

I have been using this concealer for around 2 years and it is my holy grail concealer - nothing compares :)

I usually use Custard for under my eyes and mix Chantilly with Custard to get the perfect shade for my skin.

Doesn't compare to the Nars concealer in my opinion but I do like using this when I am in a hurry and don't have the time to mix the two Nars shade together :)

My go-to red lipstick ♡

My most used lip balm/ lipstick in the past few months - love the shade :)

Another long time holy grail - the only mascara that holds the curls of my lashes without clumping them together.

A pass-me-down from my mom when I first started wearing makeup and it is amazing :) This eyelash curler has lasted for at least a decade and is still going strong ♡

I got this because my local Boots was out of stock of the Revlon liquid liner that I usually use. It looks and works exactly the same as the Revlon one.

I got this as a replacement when I used up my old eyebrow pencil (the Shu Uemura automatic eyebrow pencil) and found out that it has been discontinued. I was so devastated because I don't think this works as well as the old one :/ Currently in search for a new eyebrow pencil :P

11) Shu Uemura automatic eyebrow pencil (Discontinued)
The holy grail that I have used up. I keep this in my makeup bag because the end of this pencil has a tiny brush and I love using this brush for brushing out my eyebrows :)

I did a post on this blush not too long ago :) Long story short - love this, use this everyday :D

I got this palette as a birthday gift from my dear friend Melissa and I have been reaching for this way more than my Urban Decay Naked palette which I used to use all the time :) This palette also has a big mirror inside so I don't have to bring an extra mirror with me.

Not a fan of wrinkles or skin cancer so I am not going anywhere without this :P One of the few sunscreens that do not irritate/ break my skin out.

Holy grail multipurpose product - you can probably tell how much I use this from how worn out the packaging looks haha.

I can use my fingers to apply eyeshadows but I need this for applying my blush :)

This goes anywhere my Sleek Face Contour Kit goes.

For those beautiful contoured cheekbones... :D

And ta-da! Everything fits inside my makeup bag perfectly! :) After I am back from Amsterdam, I am probably going to do another mini travel diary to tell you guys about the places I visited/ food worth eating! ♡


  1. Great post!


  2. You have some lovely products in your makeup bag! I love the chocolate bar palette! Lovely post xx

    Beauty Girl

    1. Thank you! :) The chocolate bar palette is definitely my favourite eyeshadow palette at the moment <3

  3. Wow, I wish I had your makeup bag! I love your lip picks :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose’s Rooftop

    1. Thanks Rosanna <3 I am obsessed with the Baby Lips but I just wish that they are more long lasting :) xx



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