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Triangl Swimwear - First Impressions and Purchasing Experience! ♡

I know it is currently Spring Break for some of you lucky students in the US and although the UK is FARRR from getting anywhere near bikini-ready weather, I thought it would be fun for me to share this bikini set that I received as a gift from my friend not too long ago! :D 

A few weeks ago, my amazing flatmate, Sharon completely surprised me with this bikini set that she got for me as a random gift ♡ I was completely ecstatic because I have always wanted a bikini set from Triangl Swimwear and Sharon, being the sweetheart that she is knew that and while ordering a set for herself, got me an extra set :D

I had no clue that this was coming in our mail until it arrived! ♡ According to Sharon, the set took around one and a half weeks to arrive because it was being shipped from Hong Kong to the UK. This was how the packaging looked when it arrived - in a sleek black box with the bikini sets packaged in clear plastic bags: 

Sadly, I can only show you the set that Sharon got for me because her set is currently with her in her suitcase while she is 30,000 feet in the air flying back home to Indonesia for a beach holiday at Bali (Urgh I am jealous!) Sharon ordered the Poppy tri-colour sets for both of us :) Mine is in white, orange and pink while hers is in white, blue and orange ♡

My first impression for these bikini sets is that they are beautiful! They are incredibly neon and vibrant and the quality feels really good. They are very thick and in a swimsuit material, which is great and kind of mould to your body in a really comfortable way. At first I was quite concerned with the sizing because Sharon tried to figure out what size she should get me by asking me random questions about my bra and jean sizes (I was so oblivion that I didn't even suspect a thing LOL!) She ended up messaging the Triangl Swimwear staff through the live chat on their website back and forth and nailed my size! The bikini fits perfectly! :) 

I got XS for the top and S for the bottom. I initially thought that the bottom would be a bit too big on me but I am so glad that Sharon got me a size S because I started seeing photos of girls on Instagram with their Triangl bikini on and some of their bottoms were too small and looked a little bit strange. All in all, I am really glad with the fitting of these and according to Sharon the customer service is amazing if you need help regarding sizing :D

I have yet to wear these but I am dying to and let me tell you how great these bikini sets are as a form of FITNESS MOTIVATION! :P Whenever I see these they are just like a mental reminder telling me to work hard at the gym so I can look great in these amazing bikini sets when summer rolls around :D  I know these bikini sets are not the cheapest but since they were a gift, I guess that is my excuse! ♡ Definitely check out their website for other bikini sets as well they are all droll-worthy in my opinion hehe! ♡


  1. Aw, I love this! It's so pretty! Triangl bikinis always look so amazing and I love the neon colors (even though I don't think I could pull it off..haha)! I'd probably choose the black and white one because that's more me! Xx


  2. The black and white ones look so chic!! <3 There is an all black one that I am lusting after as well haha :D I can already feel an obsession developing :P xx

  3. I love these bikinis! I'm very jealous!





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