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Stuck in her daydream... A Belgium Travel Diary ♡

Two weeks ago, my aunt was in Brussels for business and she asked if I would like to visit her for the weekend and so we can travel together to other towns and cities in Belgium. She mentioned that it would be nice for us to travel to Ghent and Bruges together and since I have been to Brussels before but I haven't been to any other cities in Belgium, I took up her offer straight away and off to Belgium I go! ♡

I took the Eurostar from London to Brussels and arrived Brussels 2 short hours later where I met my aunt at the train station :) From there we took a train to Ghent, which is a 30 minutes train ride from Brussels. Even though both cities are relatively close to each other, they are really different because Ghent is situated in the Flemish Region of Belgium (where it is really close to the Netherlands) and so the official language there is Dutch instead of French (which is mainly spoken in Brussels). 
Here is a picture of the Ghent train station :) So beautiful! ♡

Ghent is a truly beautiful city, especially at night! For a small city with a really small city centre (you can walk around the whole city centre in one hour!), the transportation system is really good. There are buses and trams everywhere and we took a tram directly from the train station to our hotel :) Here are some pictures I took while walking around the city centre at night - the environment is breathtaking and there is such a calm and soothing ambience all around ♡

Belgian waffle - YUMS! ♡

Hotel view ♡
The next morning, we woke up extra early to take an early stroll around the city and to do more sightseeing :) The weather was amazing! And we had such a great time to walking around and grabbing breakfast <3

Food and pastries on my mind 24/7 :P

St. Bavo’s Cathedral ♡

In awe of the mesmerising city view of Ghent ♡

The staple in Belgium - Mussels and fries for lunch! :D

After we finished sightseeing and had some lunch - we headed back to our hotel to check out and then caught our train to Bruges! ♡ The train from Ghent to Bruges is just under 30 minutes, we quickly put down our things at our hotel, and headed out for some sightseeing (and more food) again! :D

We decided to go on a boat tour because Bruges is really famous for their canals (like Amsterdam!) Since the weather was so beautiful anyway, it would be silly for us not to take the boat tour :D The tour was perfect for taking a look around the whole city and it was SO worth it ♡ The guide of the tour spoke in three languages - Dutch, French and English so everyone could understand what he was talking about :P

While on the boat tour... :P The sun was shining all day long! <3

Not really Christmas anymore but this shop window is beautiful! Belgium and Germany are big on Christmas markets! ♡

The wall of beers :D

And here comes the most exciting stuff - FOODDDD! ♡ How can we NOT have waffles and chocolates when we are in Belgium?! <3

And that basically sums up my Belgium trip to Ghent and Bruges! I had the most amazing time with my aunt and was so happy that I had the opportunity to take this little weekend break from school to just travel and sightsee around places that I have never been before <3 If you have any questions about my trip feel free to ask me! :D I will definitely be able to answer questions on sightseeing sites, restaurants etc. ♡ I will be going on another short trip to Amsterdam two weeks later and will do another travel diary after that :D Hope you enjoyed this little post!


  1. OMG! this is B E A U T I F U L ! <3 I realllyyyy want to go to Belgium one day <3

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    1. I definitely recommend visiting one day! <3 the people and places are charming ♡

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