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Princess Products - Palettes edition! ♡

While re-organising my makeup and beauty stash the other day, I realised that I have so many products that I absolutely love and and have not had the chance to share with you beauties before! I therefore decided to start this fun little series where I am going to share all my "Princess products" with you :) These will basically be pampering products that I personally ADORE using because they make me feel extra lush and nice, especially on a bad day or on days I just want to feel and look extra special ♡ 

Here are two palettes which I completely drool over every time I catch a glimpse of them in my drawer: ♡

My first "Princess Palette" has to be this gorgeous Dior Travel Couture Palette which I picked up from Heathrow Airport in Duty Free while I was travelling from London back to Hong Kong about two years ago!

This palette is basically perfection in a quilted pouch ♡ There are six different eyeshadows, three lip glosses and their Crème de Rose lip balm, a blush/ highlighter/ powder compact and a mini Diorshow mascara (which I lost!) all in one palette. The packaging of the quilted pouch itself is absolutely beautiful and I won't mind taking this everywhere with me! If you come across this palette in Duty Free at an airport, I would definitely recommend picking this up. This palette is not only pampering but is also really handy when you are travelling and need all your makeup products in one place ♡

The second "Princess Palette" award goes to this Lancôme La Maison palette ♡ I also picked this up from the Duty Free section at Heathrow Airport. Can we just take a moment to admire how beautiful this palette is?! When I saw it I completely fell in love and HAD to have it! 

There are three different eyeshadows in pink and violet shades in this palette along with a gorgeous blush with the Eiffel Tower and the famous Lancôme Maison located at 29 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris engraved. If this palette doesn't scream "Princess" I don't know what does! ♡ 

I am definitely going to write more posts to share some other pampering products that I adore and think you girlies would love knowing about. Meanwhile, tell me about some of your favourite "princess" products! I would love to try them out :)

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