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Organisation Tips for School and Studying ♡

When it comes to organisation for school and studying, the number one essential for me is a good planner. This is something that I take with me wherever I go since middle school :) I carried a purple Filofax with me for years and I thought that for this year I could probably change my planner up a little bit. I was lusting after the Day Designer by Whitney English for the longest time but with the shipping and everything to the UK it was just way too expensive (it ended up being around £75 including shipping which I thought was just a little bit too much!) I ended up finding a great alternative at personal-planner.co.uk where I could customise my own planner including the front and back covers, the colours and themes of the pages, special dates, the layout etc. and I fell in love with the end product! I purchased the planner right after I designed it (I ended up paying around £23 I believe including shipping) and the planner came in my mail around 1 1/2 weeks later! ♡

Here is a little sample of how I use my planner to keep track of everyday events, school assignments, workout routines and classes, my revision and blogging schedules etc. One thing I like to do is to create extra columns for each day so I have designated spaces to write down my revision and blogging schedules. I also tend to colour code - e.g. using blue for my workouts, red for things that need special attention. I know a lot of girls like to decorate their planners and make them look really nice and pretty and while I do that occasionally, this is how my planner looks most of the time as I prefer a neater and tidier look so I know where everything goes :)

♡ Special Planner Tip - Tie a ribbon on the top ring of your planner and use it as your bookmark! ♡

My next essentials have to be colour pens and highlighters, sticky notes, and MORE sticky notes! I cannot stress enough how important colour pens and highlighters are for organising your thoughts either on your planner or when you are studying for an exam or test and going through a huge chunk of texts and information. Being a law student myself, I like to use different colour highlighters for different information (e.g. pink for case names, yellow for general information, orange for key words and terminology). Sticky notes are also helpful in the sense that you can use them to summarise what you are reading really quickly when you are studying, or use them in your planner to create reminders or shopping lists. The little sticky notes/ page tabs are again essential when you are studying and need to mark a certain page that need extra attention or you need to go back to. I would recommend plastic page tabs over paper ones because the paper ones tend to break really easily when you stick them on your books and then shove your books into your bag! 

Lastly, my favourite thing to help me organise information while studying is flashcards! I use flashcards for studying everything! I remember back in A Levels I used to make flashcards for my Chemistry exam and they were really useful in helping me remember information and now I use them in university for remembering cases etc. Since I am extra OCD about my flashcards I even colour code them LOL so I know which flash card comes from which topic :P You don't really have to do this but I find colour coding my flashcards extra helpful!

I hope you have found these tips useful for staying organised at school! If you have any tests or exams coming up, best of luck to you! I have a French exam tomorrow and will be studying for it meanwhile ♡ 


  1. Really helpful tips!
    I hope your french test goes well!
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

    1. Thank you Elizabeth <3 and I'm so glad you find the tips helpful! xx

  2. Helpful tips indeed. I love stationary. I can't get enough.
    Es x x

    1. I can't get enough of stationary as well!! It's an obsession haha <3

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