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My Must-Have Makeup Brushes ♡

Although I have shared tons of beauty products that I love with you guys on this blog before, I realised that I have never mentioned one of the most important things when it comes to makeup and more specifically applying makeup - brushes! ♡ Over the years, I have accumulated a collection of brushes (with the majority of them from MAC) that makes applying makeup really fast, easy and precise and I would like to share with you some of the brushes I consider to be absolute essentials to me :) All the makeup brushes I am mentioning in this post are from MAC and I know that they are not exactly the cheapest option you can get in the market. However, I have been using these brushes for years and they are still in really condition and are definitely good quality brushes that will last a very long time if you take good care of them. 

With that being said, here are the eye brushes I consider to be essential to me when it comes to applying eye makeup! ♡ 

From top to bottom: ♡

♡ MAC 219: This is a brush that I got relatively later than all my other MAC eye brushes but holds a really special place in my collection because of how perfect it is for applying eyeshadow to very specific places. This brush has a pointed end and is quite a stiff brush and so is extremely useful for putting eyeshadows in the lower lash line or on the outer corner of your crease :)

♡ MAC 239: This is probably the most famous eye brush from MAC and is the first eye brush I ever got at MAC! The MAC 239 is perfect for packing eyeshadow on your lids/ all over your eyes and is the classic essential eye brush :) I have heard people comparing this brush to a much cheaper alternative from Loew-Cornell over the years and although I have never personally tried the Loew-Cornell brush before it is definitely something to consider if you want a cheaper alternative ♡

♡ MAC 224: This blending brush is my favourite brush out of all the MAC eye brushes I own probably because of how well it works and how irreplaceable it is function-wise. This eye brush blends eyeshadows together beautifully and if I can only use one single brush for applying my eye makeup this is the brush I would choose (just because you can always pack eyeshadow on your eyelids with your fingers if you have to but you can't really blend eyeshadows well with just your fingers!) The only slight complain I have for this brush is that it sheds a hair or two every time I use it (my other MAC eye brushes do not shed AT ALL!) but this really isn't anything too detrimental. Another note is that I never put any eyeshadow on this brush and I use it purely for blending colours together.

♡ MAC 217: This is the blending brush I use when I want to put eyeshadow on my crease and not have a super harsh application. The head of this brush is smaller than the MAC 224 and so is easier to use for applying eyeshadow. Since the MAC 217 and 224 are quite similar in shape, I think you can choose either one of them but for me - they both have their own different functions and so I consider both of them to be essentials when it comes to putting on eye makeup!

And now on to the face brushes! :)

♡ MAC 182: This is the item I got the first time I ever set step into a MAC store in Hong Kong when I was 15 years old. I remember getting this along with a Mineralize Skin Finish Natural compact and thinking this brush is such an expensive purchase but now looking back I think it was a really smart first MAC investment. I used this brush everyday religiously for the first three years I had it and it is still going strong with very little to no shedding :) The brush is extremely dense and soft and is my ultimate face brush. 

♡ MAC 187: The 187 brush is a brush which I have heard a lot of good things about before I purchased it and I have to agree. I use this brush mostly for applying bronzer but I know a lot of people also use it for stippling their liquid foundation and for applying powder. I have used this brush to apply the Mineralize Skin Finish Natural before and it does a great job although I love my 182 more for that specific purpose. All in all, this is a great multi-purpose brush and I would consider it to be one of my essentials :)

♡ MAC 129: This brush is the ultimate blush brush for me as it applies blush perfectly :) The bristles are again like all other MAC brushes extremely soft and pick up colour really nicely. I have had this brush for around 4 years and although the head of the brush has fluffed out a little bit the brush is still in really good condition. I am planning to use this brush for as long as I can for applying blush and would definitely recommend it to anyone in search of a good blush brush.

And there you go - my favourite/ essential makeup brushes! :) Although I do love all my MAC brushes and think that they are a great investment, I would also like to try out cheaper alternatives as I know there are definitely cheaper brushes out there which still work wonders ♡ If you guys have any suggestions please leave them below! <3 

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