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My honest thoughts on Love, Tanya - A book review ♡

I picked this book up from Waterstones along with Fleur de Force's the Glam Guide a while ago and gave this pretty book a good read :) I thought it would be nice for me to tell you guys what I personally think about it and whether I would recommend it! :) 

Things I like about the book ♡
♡ The stunning photographs - they are beautiful!
♡ The heartwarming tone of the book - overall it has a nice relaxing, friendly tone to it which reflects Tanya's personality
♡ The parts about her growing up, finding her passion with makeup, working in the beauty industry, life advice are really great and I enjoyed knowing more about her
♡ The baking section - definitely one of the best sections of the book!
♡ There is a bit of everything - beauty, fashion, food, advice for life etc.

Things I am not that fond of ♡
♡ I was talking to another friend who happened to have picked this book up as well and we both thought that the general style of writing of the book is really simple. The sentences are short and not very complex, which can be a bit frustrating to read because I feel that it is written for a really young audience.
♡ The beauty and fashion sections are rather basic and are quite general, which again leads me to thinking that the book is aimed at a younger audience. However, Tanya still mentioned a lot of expensive high-end skincare and beauty products as her favourites in the book - this does not bother me at all as I am generally more of a high-end makeup junkie but this does make me question whether she is aiming this book at a younger audience after all (?)
♡ I know a lot of people like the ends of each section where you can fill out lists of your own favourite products/ memories etc. but I personally found this a bit irrelevant and again gives off that early teen advice book vibe.  

On the whole, I did enjoy the book :) For around £6 (I got this book half priced!), I do not mind spending the money on a pretty looking book that would serve well as a nice before-bed relaxing read or as room decor. I was however expecting more content and I found that there is nothing really in the book that cannot be said in a YouTube video (except for the growing up parts maybe - just because they are quite long compared to the other sections of the book) and I did not exactly learn anything new from it beauty and fashion wise. I definitely love the baking section though and I also like the honest and genuine tone in the growing up/ life advice/ confidence sections ♡ 

Would I recommend this book? Yes if you are in your early teens :) I think I would have LOVED this book if I read it when I was younger and did not know much about makeup. I however would not recommend this book if you want to read it just for getting expert makeup and fashion advice - you would probably learn more about makeup just by watching Tanya's videos on YouTube! Anyway, those were my honest thoughts on Love, Tanya :) Since I also picked up the Glam Guide by Fleur de Force, I might do a book review on that as well ♡ Tell me what you personally think about Love, Tanya if you have picked the book up! I would love to know your thoughts on it ♡


  1. Really good review! I love how honest you are about it! I was definitely on the fence about buying this because I love Tanya, but It is something I just dont really need.
    Elizabeth x

    1. That was exactly how I felt after reading the book! It is definitely something that I don't really need :) I got it without thinking much when I saw it on sale but if I had done a bit of research beforehand I probably would not have purchased it xx

  2. Thanks for the review, I think I'm going to buy it for my sister!, Would like to see one on the Glam Guide too if possible? Have a great week :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose’s Rooftop

    1. Yay hope your sister loves the book! <3 And yes I am definitely going to do a book review for the Glam Guide as well - probably next week! :D xx



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