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My everyday morning breakfast routine! ♡

You guys might know from my previous Power Smoothies post that I love making smoothies and they are what get me through some of the most tiring days :) Here I am bringing you another smoothie recipe - this is what I drink on most days as soon as I wake up on an empty stomach and this fills me up for the entire morning and tastes divineee although it has vegetables inside (trust me you won't taste them at all!) :D

For this smoothie you need:
♡ One banana/ apple
♡ Frozen berries (I like to get mine in bulk from Whole Foods)
♡ One beet (I get mine from Tesco)
♡ One kiwi
♡ A handful of kale/ spinach
♡ One tablespoon of chia seeds (I get mine from Whole Foods)
And all you do is blend this all together with water or coconut water! :) 

The blender I currently am using is the Nutribullet which I previously got from Robert Dyas while the whole store was 20% off :) I know this is not the cheapest blender you can get but all my previous budget blenders have stopped working after a while since they could not handle hard veggies very well and if you are still contemplating whether to bite the bullet (see what I did there :P) I would say DO IT! This blender is so worth it and makes blending morning smoothies such a dream ♡ If you want more healthy food/ fitness inspiration, definitely check out my instagram here! I do tons of health/ fitness related posts on my instagram and you might enjoy looking at them <3

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