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Favourite healthy recipes - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner! ♡

After moving into our new apartment with my amazing flatmate, we have been making good use of our kitchen and have been cooking a lot more than last year. Since both of us are quite health-conscious, we have been constantly looking up healthy recipes online and have found a few that taste absolutely divine, don't take much time to make (we are super duper busy as students so this is important), and are really healthy and give us enough energy for our busy schedule! Here are a few of my personal favourites that I just cannot get enough of! ♡

Breakfast ♡

♡ Oatmeal with mixed berry granola and fresh raspberries:
I have always been a big fan of oatmeal and lately I am really liking the taste of rolled oats cooked on the stove with just plain water! After my oatmeal is cooked I like to eat it with a drizzle of honey and top it off with some mixed berries granola and raspberries! Super fast and tasty (and healthy :P)!

♡ Honey and cinnamon protein pancakes:
I usually make these protein pancakes when I have a bit of extra time in the morning or as a snack in the afternoon! All you need for making these are:
- 1 scope of protein powder (the protein powder I use is the Hemp Protein Powder from Natural Collection which I got at Whole Foods!)
- 2 egg whites
- About 35g of oats (you can also blend up the oats if you want a less grainy texture for your pancakes)
- 2-3 tablespoons of almond milk 
- A dash of cinnamon
- A drizzle of honey
And then all you want to do is to mix everything up! Afterwards, I cover my frying pan with some coconut oil so my pancakes will not stick to the pan and you just want to pour your mixture in circles onto the pan and flip them every 30 seconds :) I usually top my pancakes off with more honey and some raspberries or bananas. They tastes just as good as normal pancakes but are so much more healthy! :)

Lunch/ Dinner ♡

♡ Kale, chicken and potato salad:
This has to be my favourite salad recipe of all time because this tastes soooo amazing and keeps me really full and energised. Firstly, I season my chicken fillets with some salt, pepper and garlic and pan fry them until they are fully cooked. Then, I cut some baby potatoes in halves and season them with a bit of salt and boil them for about 4 minutes until they are half-cooked. I then put them on a frying pan with some olive oil and pan fry them until they are ready! For the salad dressing, I mix up:
- One tablespoon of mustard
- 2 tablespoons of olive oil
- 4 tablespoons of white wine vinegar
- Some salt and pepper
And I just mix the kale, chicken and potatoes up! This recipe tastes amazing and I can't wait to eat this again tomorrow for lunch! :P

♡ Mixed leaves salad with bacon and egg:
This is another one of my favourite salads and although bacon is not the healthiest option, I do like to eat it once in a while because I love the taste of it and it is not too bad if you eat it with veggies and proteins! This salad is also really fast to make because bacon cooks really quickly and so does eggs. What I do for this salad is I pan fry some bacon, mix it with some washed and ready to eat mixed leaves from Sainsbury's, pour some balsamic vinegar and olive oil on top as dressing, and top it off with a fried egg! Super easy and simple, tastes really good and is semi-healthy! :D

♡ Crispy salmon with salad and cherry tomatoes:
Salmon is my favourite fish to eat because it tastes really yummy and is the perfect flat-stomach food! What I usually do with my salmon is I like to lightly slice the surface of the salmon, then season it with salt and pepper. I then smooth the skin of the salmon with some olive oil and put it in a frying pan with the skin facing the pan :) As the salmon cooks, its skin will become crispy and will taste amazing when it is done! I like to eat my salmon with some salad and cherry tomatoes on the side as well so I get enough veggies in my body for the meal :D

And there you go! These are some of my favourite recipes for now and I can't wait to try even more yummy healthy recipes :) I am also very likely going to join a gym which is so exciting as I have never joined a gym in London before! I will keep you guys updated and might make a post on going to the gym/ my fitness story when I get the chance :D But for now, try these recipes out and tell me what you think! ♡

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