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What's in my dressing room?! ♡ VS and F21 clothing haul!

A few days ago, I headed to Oxford Street for some major post-exam retail therapy and I ended up doing a LOT of damage! I thought it would be fun to share some of the things that I have picked up from Victoria's Secret and Forever 21 because they have so many cute things in for summer! Let's start off with the dressing room :D

Out of the things that I tried on at Victoria's Secret, I didn't end up getting the pink bikini top and the white workout top. They were really cute but the sizes were too big for me and the smaller sizes were sold out. I however did pick out the blue workout top underneath the white one (you can sort of see it peaking from behind in the pic!) and it is nearly identical to the white one but have the words LOVE PINK instead of PINK ♡

I also ended up picking these 2 super cute cropped tops and they are actually half priced! (Reduced from £21 to £10.50 each! Yayyy! ♡) I normally don't go for tribal prints but I thought the black and white tribal print top was adorable and really summery :) I picked up the high-waisted purple denim shorts (they looks so pink in the photo but they are actually purple!) from Forever 21 and I thought they would look so cute together with the cropped tops!

I really wanted some cute workout clothes for the summer as well and got this yoga sports bra from Victoria's Secret PINK :) I fell in love with the palm tree and flowers print and I think this might be the favourite thing I got out of my entire shopping trip! ♡ I am also in love with these yoga leggings. From the dressing room photo above you can see the words LOVE PINK at the end of the legging which I love, and the palm tree prints on the waistband is again so cute! I have worn these yoga leggings for running and they are really comfy :) Plus they actually have a hidden pocket on top which is so convenient for putting your oyster card, keys etc. ♡

Since Victoria's Secret doesn't show their UK prices online, I thought it would be useful to make a price list for the items that I got! ♡

Victoria's Secret PINK: ♡
Blue LOVE PINK top - £22.50
Yoga Sports Bra - £29.50
Long yoga leggings - £32.50
Cropped tops - £10.50 each (down from £21!)

Forever 21: ♡
Purple denim shorts - £13.50

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