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It didn't work out... High-end edition! ♡

My list of beauty heartbreaks: ♡

Ex-bf no. 1: Clarins Eye Contour Gel
I picked this little guy up when I was at the tax free section of the airport last summer, wanting to try an eye cream/ gel that will take away the dark circles and the puffiness of my eyes. This feels refreshing when I first put it on, but when it dried, I realised that it didn't really do anything :( I used this product for another week and still didn't see any improvements. We then sadly broke up and I am glad to say that I have found somebody else that treats my eye area a lot better than he did :P

Ex-bf no. 2: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream
I was researching online for a good BB cream when I saw a lot of people recommending this product. I thought that I had to try it out because I just couldn't seem to find a BB cream that works for me and doesn't break me out. The first thing I noticed about this BB cream is that it has a grey-ish tone to it - which I didn't find very appealing. The greyness was not so obvious after I blended it out but I noticed that this product - like a lot of other BB creams I have tried started to make me break out slightly. I broke up with him immediately and vowed to never date another BB cream again.

Ex-bf no. 3: Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner
For this product - I won't say that I had a bad relationship with it. It has a super thin brush which makes it so so easy to draw a wing at the end of your eye. However, this liner is just too liquidly which makes it impossible to put on your waterline and also takes forever to dry. It also tends to flake a lot when I was wearing it and I had to make sure that I do not rub my eye. That being said, although he was not a horrible liner boyfriend, I had to say goodbye because I think I deserve better :P

Ex-bf no. 4: Benefit Fake Up
I love Benefit and I wanted to love this concealer sooo baddd but I just couldn't. I really liked the concept of this concealer - with a hydrating ring on the outside of the actual concealer to make it more hydrating - but it just didn't work out. This concealer barely covered my undereye circles and wasn't great for covering other imperfections on my face either. I dated him for about 2-3 days and went back to my old concealer. *Byeee Fake Up*

Ex-bf no. 5: Benefit Badgal Lash Mascara
I have heard a lot of good things about this product and couldn't wait to try it out. I myself have long but very straight lashes that point downwards so I need a mascara that can hold my lashes after I have curled them. This mascara sadly weighs them down and that was the end of our relationship. My number one criteria for a mascara is that it must not weigh my lashes down or else it just defeats the whole purpose of wearing mascara. Badgal lash was sadly not the one for me... ♡


  1. Absolutely love the way you've written this post! It's so good! Sorry you didn't get on with these products, it's always sad when you've paid more for them and you're left disappointed! But as they say, there's plenty more fish in the sea! Haha x

    1. Thank you so much! Hahaha <3 I know... I can't wait to try better products out there in the market hehe! :D xx

  2. Totally agree about the bad girl mascara! I didn't mind the fake up for under my eyes but definitely useless for anywhere else on the face!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. So glad that it works for covering your undereyes! :D My eyebags are hereditary and I have super dark undereye circles as well so I need something with a lot more coverage haha <3

  3. Great post! I've tried badgirl and they're real mascara from benefit and no luck with either. I recently bought they're real mascara from benefit, I love the brush but the formula is the same as badgirl!
    Simply Summer

    1. Oh boy! That means I probably won't like They're Real as well... It sucks because the packaging is so cute! But I really couldn't work with the formula xx

  4. I felt the same about the Benefit concealer- such a waste of money X


    1. I know! It's a shame because the packaging is so cute xx



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