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The best hot chocolate in the world...♡

Eating healthy is great, but it is no doubt that every girl needs chocolates in her life ♡ I personally love hot chocolate more than anything in the world and I think I have found my Holy Grail hot chocolate at Café de Flore 

Saint-Germain is one of my favourite places in Paris (I think I love the area even more than Champs-Élysées!) and Café de Flore is right around the corner of the Saint-Germain Louis Vuitton store.

This hot chocolate is nothing like all the other hot chocolates I have ever tasted before. The texture is thick and rich but not in the so-thick-I-think-I'm-drinking-chocolate-sauce way (haha), and you can definitely tell that the hot chocolate is not made by other chocolate sauce (like how they are made in Starbucks, Paul etc.) or powder (the instant type). I feel that nothing else I could say about this hot chocolate would do it justice so my conclusion is: YOU MUST GO TRY IT the next time you visit Paris! ♡♡♡

On a scale of 1 to 10 - I would rate this... DRUMROLL.....100000! ♡ (LOL)

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