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A Ladurée Dream... ♡

During my little adventure to Paris I stopped by the Ladurée shop in Saint-Germain and picked up this beauty who smells as good as it looks. The Caprice is a rose scented candle which can be burnt for 55 hours and smells absolutely wonderful... (sorry for my lack of descriptive words :P)

For those who had tried the Jo Malone Red Roses candle before, I would say the Caprice smells a bit more sweet and overpowering. The smell is so strong that my nose can catch the rose scent of the candle when I am walking by it even when it is not burning. I absolutely LOVE how strong the scent of the candle is!

The only problem I am having with this candle is that the wig is positioned slightly to the side (as seen from the picture) which makes the candle burn unevenly and because of this it is also starting to tunnel... If you are planning to get a candle from Ladurée, I would definitely make sure that the wig is positioned precisely in the centre before purchasing it!

Wig you are at the wrong place!

Rating for this beauty: 8/10 (would have been a 10 if the wig was at the centre!)

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