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My Picks for Spring...♡

With the weather finally warming up (yayyy!), I thought it would fun for me to share some of the things that I am loving for Spring! ♡

My Nail Polish Picks ♡ 
1♡ Chanel Le Vernis in no. 535 May (I love this shade of pink as it has a perfect mixture of cool and warm tones!)
2♡ Essie Russian Roulette (a bright red colour!)

My Perfume Picks  ♡
1♡ Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy (original) and Viva la Juicy la Fleur (I bought my first bottle of Viva la Juicy around this time of the year so it always brings back memories of the warmer weather ♡ The la Fleur version of this perfume is slightly lighter and more floral than the original scent)
2♡ Chanel Chance (Like the Viva la Juicy la Fleur, this is a very sweet and light perfume - basically Spring in a bottle haha!)

Lippie Pick ♡
Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Pearl in no. 556 (A coral coloured lipgloss with tiny gold and pink sparkles in it ♡)

Jewellery Pick ♡
Statement necklace from Forever 21 (I fell in love with this necklace when I saw it at the F21 store - the colour is perfect for Spring/ Summer and this necklace SPARKLES under the sunlight ♡)

A Random Pick! ♡
Fujifilm Instax mini 8! (Even though I use this camera throughout the year, I thought it has to be a part of my favourites for Spring post because this pink camera is the most adorable thing ever and is super fun to play with! With the sun finally coming out (nearly) everyday, I can actually take some really nice photos with it ♡)


  1. Your blog is really adorable and I love this post! I am really in to all things photography and that camera looks so cute. I've really wanted a polaroid for a while now and this might just be the one!!
    Thank you for sharing

    Ellie xox

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! <3 You should definitely get this paloroid! It is a lot of fun to play with :) xx

  2. That Chanel polish is gorgeous! Looks perfect for Spring :)

    Roo xx

    1. It is really nice! :) Definitely one of my favourite nail polishes out of my collection! <3

  3. Ah what a gorgeous photo! The Chanel nail polish looks beautiful! I'm definitely going to check this shade out! x

    1. Thank you! <3 Yes check it out! :D xx

  4. I love the essie colour! So nice and deep for spring - I really need a brighter red for the collection :)


    1. You really should get the essie polish! It applies so smoothly! <3 I sometimes feel that it applies even better than my Chanel polishes! :)

  5. Wow that necklace is gorgeous!
    Loved your post and the kind of coraly theme of it (:

    1. Thank you! <3 I really think that Forever 21 has the best jewellery! ♡



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