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How I fight stress/ a bad mood...♡

With exams coming up, I know a lot of students including me are feeling a lot more stressed than usual, which is not a good thing as we know that being stressed or in a bad mood can easily make us unproductive and just in general unhappy. I think that stress is something that everyone has to deal with and even the happiest person in the world can be in a bad mood sometimes. There are however a few things that work for me when I am not feeling my best in reducing my stress levels and also cheering me up.

1♡ Writing down your feelings/ thoughts
As a little girl, I have always kept a diary in which I religiously note down my thoughts, whether they are happy or unhappy ones everyday. I have recently picked up this old habit again and am amazed at how writing can clear my mind and make me realize that things might not be as bad as they seem. Whenever I am in a bad mood, or when I am worrying about a certain thing, writing down how I feel makes me really relieved, sort of like how I feel after telling my best friends all about my problems and how they have been bugging me lately. I would say writing down your thoughts (either in a diary/ notebook or just on your computer) is probably one of the best things to do when you feel the need to release your stress 

2♡ Drinking hot tea
I feel that whenever I am drinking hot tea, I get a very soothing, calm and relaxed feeling from it which puts me in a better mood. Green tea is something I always need to have in my room as I love the taste of it and it is also great for the body and the mind. Other fruit teas (such as the Strawberry & Vanilla tea from Whittard) is also something I love sipping on when I need a little break from reality. These delicious teas calm me down and just cheer me up whenever I am not in the best mood.  

3♡ Reading books that you love 
I have always been a book-lover and back in the days when technology was not so widely available as nowadays, reading books was what got me falling asleep when I had woken up in the middle of the night feeling stressed. I believe there is a certain magic in books which completely transform your mind into a different world and I truly believe that reading a book that you love can clear your mind and take it to a happier place. 

4♡ Listening to classical music 
I grew up playing the violin and the piano and therefore classical music has always been a huge part of my life. I love listening to classical music as it is again very soothing and clears my head when I am stressed or in a bad mood. Some of my recommendations are: Spring Sonata for the Piano and Violin by Beethoven and Chopin's Fantaisie Impromptu ♡ 

5♡ And finally if all else fails... 
Taking a good nap/ a good night's sleep never fails to put me back into a good mood/ de-stress my mind :) A lot things might seem extremely horrible at times but after a nap or a good night's sleep they just don't seem to be as bad anymore. 
Of course the best way to deal with something that is stressing you out is to just tackle the problem and try to find a way to solve the issue, but if it is something that is out of your control, a nap/ sleep is always a good way to help relax and to clear your mind. 
I know as a student that stress can easily come with guilt. For example, a lot of times I might say to myself "Okay you have to work during the day and at night you can go have dinner with your friends" and when I end up not working at all during the day due to whatever reason, I would be feeling guilty for not working as hard as I should have and kicking myself during the dinner with my friends when I'm supposed to be happy and having a good time. What I have learnt from my experiences is that if something is in the past and is something that you cannot change, you have to let go of your guilt/ stress in order to maintain a happy mindset and be more productive the next day. Not holding on to your stress/ bad mood/ guilt is so important because if you do not do so, I feel that the stress will find a way to come back to you no matter what you are doing to avoid it. 

So my conclusion is: write down your thoughts, drink some hot tea, read some good books, listen to some classical music, take a good nap, do not hold on to your stress/ guilt/ unhappy thoughts... And I promise you will feel relaxed and happy even when life is not going according to plan. ♡♡♡


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