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Everyday Makeup Routine + My Essentials...♡

In my What's in my Bag post last week I showed some of my makeup essentials in my bag and I thought it would be a good idea to do a post talking about my everyday makeup routine and these products a bit more in detail! ♡

I use the Nars radiant creamy concealers in Custard and Chantilly everyday to cover my under-eye circles and any blemishes or redness I have on my skin. I use Custard (which is the slightly darker shade) for under my eyes as my eyebags are on the puffy side and using a lighter shade actually emphasizes their puffiness. After I applied custard I use Chantilly to highlight the shadows that my eyebags cast under my eyes to further reduce the appearance of their puffiness! ♡ I then mix the 2 shades together to get a perfect match to the colour of my skin tone and use this on any blemishes or redness I have on my face.

I then use the Chanel natural finish loose powder to set the concealers in place. This loose powder actually comes in a much larger pot originally but since the packaging is not very travel friendly, I have transferred some of the powder into this mini Chanel pot which originally holds the Illusion D'mbre eyeshadow which I have used up ♡ (I actually did a blog post on this loose powder so if you want to know more about it check that post out! :D )

I use 2 eyeshadows on a daily basis and because I am always in a rush I usually just apply these with my fingers super quickly instead of brushes. I use All That Glitters by MAC (shade on the left) all over my lids and then a bit of Woodwinked by MAC (shade on the right) on my crease. I then blend these eyeshadows very quickly with my fingers and the eyeshadows part is done!

For my eyeliner, I love using the Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner in black on my upper waterline as this is one eyeliner which I find gives off an intense black colour even when it is used on the waterline ♡

I then use my Shiseido eyelash curler to curl my lashes and the Falsies (black waterproof version) by Maybelline as my everyday mascara ♡

For my brows I love using this brow kit by Benefit called Brow Zings (mine is in the shade 'deep') ♡ This does a really good job filling in my eyebrows and making them look thicker and fuller. If I have some spare time I usually use Touche Éclat by YSL (in shade no.2) to highlight my brow bone :)

For the last part of my everyday makeup routine, I usually use Benetint by Benefit for both my cheeks and my lips. However, recently I have also been reaching for Fine-One-One by Benefit for my cheeks as it is a blush stick with 3 different shades, including a pearl highlighting shade for your cheekbones. This is super easy to use - you just swipe this on your cheeks with the highlighting shade facing upwards and then afterwards blend the 3 shades out with your fingers. This way you get both a blush and a highlight colour on your cheeks with just one sweep! ♡ You can also use Fine-One-One on your lips but I like to stick to Benetint for this purpose as I prefer a more rosy colour for my lips ♡


  1. These choices are fantastic, I swear by the NARS concealer it is really the best, and all that glitters and woodwinked have to be 2 of my most used MAC shadows. Lovely post! xx

    1. Thank you! <3 I definitely cannot live without the Nars concealers hahaha! xx



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