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Chanel loose powder... ♡

Another product I have been trying out for almost 2 months now is this Chanel natural finish loose powder. Mine is in the colour 20 Clair and although the powder is a bit lighter than my skin-tone, it is almost completely translucent. Here are my two cents on the product! :)

♡ It is completely translucent - natural on the skin - hence the name natural finish loose powder :P In another word, the name is an accurate reflection of the product.
♡ I have dry skin and this does not look cakey on me - does not emphasise my dry skin either and it does a very good job at setting my makeup - which is what I wanted this powder to do when I decided to purchase this product.
♡ Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this powder is packaged... Perfect for sitting on your desk even when you are not using it :D
♡ There is a LOT of powder in this product and this is likely to last you a  good few years. 

♡ This is a loose powder - and loose = messy... Very messy. As I'm not a particularly careful person, powder tends to fly everywhere when I'm using this.
♡ Relating to the first point - this loose powder is very hard to travel with. Travelled with this once and don't think I'll ever do again. Also, although this packaging is absolutely gorgeous - it is hugeeee. In conclusion this product is just not travel-friendly.
♡ As this is a loose powder, it is best applied with a puff (like the one shown in the picture!) However, you only get one puff when you buy the product and therefore you will have to purchase new puffs every now and then when the old one gets dirty.
♡ This powder is not necessarily cheap. At £36 I think there might be other products out there which are priced lower and does equally well. 

In conclusion:
Rating for this beauty: 7.5/10
(I love it and everything but I just don't think this is amazing enough for me to repurchase again! Especially since I travel a lot ♡)

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