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Alice in Wonderland... ♡

This book is a gorgeous 'coffee table' book that has been in all of my dorm rooms ever since High School. When I first started boarding school 3 years ago, I thought I needed something pretty and pink to spice up my oh-so-boring brown dorm room. I have always had this book sitting prettily on my shelf and this is definitely my favourite decorative book as I love Alice in Wonderland and the fact that this huge book is in pink and gold just makes me heart smile everytime I look at it.

This book is not just a decorative book and you can of course read it too if you want to  The book itself is really amazing as there are other stories related to Alice in Wonderland in it as well, such as Through the Looking-Glass, all written by Lewis Carroll 

Book information 
Name: Alice's Adventure in Wonderland & Other Stories
Author: Lewis Carroll
Publisher: Barnes & Noble New York (2010 edition)
ISBN: 978-1-4351-2294-9

P.s. I bought this book at the Page One book store in Times Squares, Hong Kong  I bought it a few summers back but they might still have it!

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